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Video Post: Exploring the North Shore of Lake Superior


Follow along as I spend a week on the wildest of all the Great Lakes—hiking, camping and paddling along the way!

In This Video Post You Will Discover:

  • The Best Campsites
  • The Most Scenic Hikes
  • An Epic Kayak Outfitter
  • And MORE

I love Lake Superior so much it makes me feel guilty. You see, I’m a  born-and-raised West Coaster. I adore my Pacific roots… so when another coastline—a freshwater one at that—woos me so, I feel like I’m cheating.

But I can have two loves, right? As a Canadian outdoorsman, I’m used to such polyamorous relationships… like obsessing over both the Rockies and the Coast Range… of seeing beauty in the Prairies and the Maritimes… and living in the country’s most temperate zone but dreaming of life in the Arctic.

It’s why Canada rules.

And why I’ve written hundreds of articles about my country—I’ve travelled to every province and territory, most several times. I’ve pushed beyond 74 degrees north. I’ve swum in all of our oceans. I’ve eaten just about every regional food. I’ve crossed our seas by ship, our roads by motorcycle, our lakes by canoe and our trails by boot.

I digress. Sorry—I just get carried away when talking about The True North.

I’m writing about Lake Superior online at explore-mag.com soon, and next summer in print.

But you don’t have to wait. Follow along on my adventure with this fly-on-the-wall travelogue.

And then get yourself to Superior, stat!

About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • Rupali P Sep 14, 2018 Link

    Amazing article and thank you sharing your work with us.

  • Linda Miller Sep 12, 2018 Link

    Thanks for the post. I haven’t been to Canada yet, although it is on my bucket list. My daughter travelled to Toronto and Montreal. She had a wonderful time. We have a trip booked to St. Barts this year, but maybe next year I will try and persuade my hubby that we need to visit Canada! We have friends in Calgary, so it would be a good excuse to go.

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    Just love how you shared the beauty of North Shore. It is indeed preserved and fascinating. looking forward to more of this.

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