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10 Things I Don’t Want to See on the Ski Hill Next Year


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I just returned from another awesome day at Whistler Blackcomb. It’s still my all-time favourite ski resort.

While spring has not quite officially sprung, it was above-zero and sunny all day, reminding me that season’s end is just a couple months off. All good things…

No. Not all good things. Permit me a rant.

I don’t care if you ski in jeans. I don’t care if you snowplow for years. I don’t care if you have multiple yard-sale bails. In fact, I like watching people wipe out (as long as they stand up afterwards) and I can laugh at myself, too.

(Don’t judge, there’s a reason Jerry of the Day has 1.4 million followers and counting.)

But I do care about the following 10 Deadly Sins of the Slopes. Let’s turf them for the 2018/19 season, OK?

My Slopeside Shit List, in no particular order of severity and referencing no particular mountain at all:

1. Singles Line Cheaters

I might get some pushback on this, but I stand firm—if you’re skiing or riding with a group, stay out of the singles line. I don’t want to see three friends scoot into the singles line to get past the crowds, yakking it up the whole time then filing one-by-one into open seats. Some of us ski solo. That’s what a singles line is for.

2. Beer Cans Below

I could better understand the mindset of a goddamn Trump voter than I could the person who travels into our beautiful alpine only to pitch crushed beer cans off the chairlift. Areas with night-skiing are particularly nasty. Yes—all litter is bad. But a Clif bar wrapper could be simply negligent. A crushed beer can is always purposeful.

3. Chairlift Chuffers

Despite the fact that most, if not all, ski resorts in Canada have banned cigarette smoking on chairlifts, I still come across the occasional jackass who lights up while giving me a sly “you don’t mind, do you?” look. Yeah. I do. I minded when I was 10 and it was legal and I mind even more now. I didn’t escape the city to breathe your toxic fumes.

4. Smartphone DJs

People who play music sans earphones should have their friggen passes revoked. No one cares about your mash-ups, dude! Literally every music player since the days of transistor radios has had an earphone jack. (Some newfangled ones don’t even need wires!) Please use it.

5. End-of-Day Decapitators

Carrying your skis on your shoulder just makes good sense. But realize the tips/tails—the parts you can’t see—are sticking out as much as a metre behind your noggin. So when you stop in the middle of a crowd and swing suddenly around, you risk lopping my head off with those freshly sharpened edges.

6. Green-Run Racers

It had been a while since I spent real time on a beginner run, but in recent years as I taught my wife the ol’ pizza/french fries, I found myself hanging out on the flats. And I cannot believe how many people I see skimming through ski schools and buzzing beginners. Newsflash—if you can straight-line a green it might be time to move to a blue. I get that greens often traverse from lift-to-lift. But it’s like a “School Zone” on the road. Slow the eff down. You’re scaring the noobs.

7. Powder Pushers

Maybe you got in over your head. Maybe you lack technique. But when you cruise into an untracked, billowy run of powder and side-slip all the fluffy stuff away in a desperate attempt to get down upright, you ruin it for everyone else. Point ‘em—or stay on the groomers.

8. Tail Gunners

I don’t expect to keep my skis pristine. But I’d like most of the damage to be my fault, OK? So when I’m pushing into the chairlift line and you go skimming over my tails (likely with one hand on your iPhone), it kinda pisses me off. Pretty sure I’m not alone here.

9. Mid-Run Relaxers

Ever notice how ski runs tend to undulate? They descend the mountain usually not in one constant slope, but in a succession of lips and ledges with descents in between. You’ll recognize those lips and ledges by the ubiquitous orange “slow” sign atop. Or, you know, by their flatness. They are good spots to rest and enjoy the view. The slopes in between are where you should sit only if you fancy being impaled by my Elans.

10. Lodge Hogs

I know your matching goggles, helmet and gloves are pretty sweet. But not so sweet they need a seat to themselves at the lodge, right?

Other than that… see ya on the slopes 😉

About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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    I somehow found myself saying ‘yes!!’ after each number on the list and wondering if that was bad. I don’t think so!

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