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Winter Wonderland: 15 Photos From Ontario (That Will Make You Want To Go)


I just returned from five days in Ontario’s winter wonderlands—exploring Arrowhead and Silent Lake provincial parks. And you need to go—before winter is over.

In This Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • Serene Rustic Cabins
  • Snowshoe Trails in the Woods
  • Challenging Cross-Country Ski Trails
  • And More!

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia. So I don’t get a “real” winter. Not in the city, anyway. Which is the way I like it.

But I do like getting a taste of real winter. Nights dipping to -20 while I stay cozy in a cabin. Ski trails winding through birch forests. Icy lakes. Moondogs.

I have to travel a bit for that. Maybe not all the way to Toronto—some 4,000 kilometres distant, plus a two-and-half-hour drive north—but the travel time was absolutely worth it.

I’m working on some Winter 2018 editorial for Explore magazine, so Ontario Parks/Ontario Tourism invited me out to visit Arrowhead, Algonquin and Silent Lake provincial parks.

Most of the time was spent in Arrowhead and Silent Lake. Algonquin was a bit of a bust, as the ski trails were closed on the one day I had to visit. Still gorgeous though—I would love to return. (And I saw wild turkeys!)

The trip was awesome. Some much needed peace-and-quiet, plus a lot of material for Explore’s Winter issue (and online at explore-mag.com)

Here is a teaser. Images from a week in winter—real winter.


This image from my first night at Arrowhead Provincial Park reminded me of a Tom Thomson painting. Fitting, for Ontario.


Perfect conditions for a ski, if you ask me. (Arrowhead.)


My cabin in the snow, Arrowhead Provincial Park.


Arrowhead has a gorgeous ice-skating trail through the woods—plus this picturesque warm-up area.


At first I thought this image didn’t turn out. But I actually really like the shadows and textures. (Arrowhead.)


It was -15 and snowing. This was a welcome sight on the cross-country ski trails of Arrowhead PP.


Stubbs Falls, in Arrowhead PP—a must see. Neat to see it raging, even at sub-zero temperatures.


Fresh snow. A cozy cabin. Perfect. (Arrowhead.)


Bonnie’s Pond Snowshoe Trail is must-visit in Silent Lake Provincial Park. Even though the light snowpack meant I didn’t need snowshoes!


I love this image—wind gusts were coming on and off through the woods. I snapped this one during a heavy gust… looks like I could get lost out there… (Silent Lake.)


Hands down, the best viewpoint on Bonnie’s Pond Snowshoe Trail. (Silent Lake.)


Serenity level +100! (Silent Lake.)


Honestly, I’m always a little nervous walking on frozen lakes. Even when I know it’s safe. (Silent Lake.)


Crisp and cold. (Really cold—like -20.) Silent Lake Provincial Park at night.

About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • fabio Feb 11, 2018

    The way you take the photo of the snow make it less cold.
    Amazing shoot

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