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Before you scroll any further, let’s take a second to connect…
Because if there is one thing I’ve learned from my adventurous life—it’s how to BE PREPARED.

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…And travel bravely, friends!

One Simple Guide to End Your Travel Worries

Travel Planning Guide

Do you experience travel anxiety? Are you always worried about forgetting important items? I have the solution—my Travel Checklist. And it’s free, instant and easy to use.

In This Travel Advice Article You Will Discover:

  • A Guide to Help You Travel Worry-Free
  • An Easy Way to Communicate
  • A Return to the Simple Act of Correspondence

I’m going to email you a very helpful travel checklist.

…Why do I want to email you?

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with email marketing.

But I truly hate the term. Because it conjures images of relentless spam and dodgy affiliate links…

…Shady sales tactics and clogged-up inboxes…

Nah. I’m having none of that. I’m taking the road less travelled.

I view email marketing in a different light:

As a return to the simple act of correspondence. My emails are letters, written thoughtfully and crafted for enjoyment above all.

Enter your work address and you may find it a once-weekly distraction from meeting requests and cc’ threads.

Enter your personal address and you’ll find it a slower take on social media:

Less frenetic. Less concerned about social likes and validation.

More concerned about real connections and quality storytelling.

So when I put forth a FREE Travel Guide, like the one you can access below…

… I know it’s not really free.

I’m asking for a trade: permission to write you, in exchange for my handy guide.

Don’t like my letters? You can always unsubscribe.

The guide will be yours to keep, of course.

OH—and about the guide!

It’s pretty awesome.

A seven-page PDF that breaks down the essential preparations you need to make before you travel.

Financial concerns — Packing lists — Luggage considerations — And more!

Print it out or store it on your phone for easy reference.

(Personally, I love having a checklist like this to visually reference. Such peace of mind.)

I’ll be producing free e-books like this on and off. You’ll get them first, of course, as a subscriber.

But mostly I’ll just correspond, once weekly.

Join me?


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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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