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Video Post: Expedition to Baffin Island, Nunavut

Polar Bears

I recently returned from a two-week expedition along the coast of Baffin Island. Join me on a recap—in just two minutes:

In This Video Post You Will Discover:

  • Fascinating Traditional Culture
  • Beautiful Polar Bears
  • Icebergs & Glaciers
  • Unique Geography

It was a two-week journey to cruise from Iqaluit to Resolute Bay. We crossed the Arctic Circle on our third day out, and finished north of 74 degrees—a new personal record for me. (Last year I hit 69 degrees north.)

I saw seven polar bears. A pod of narwhals (from a distance). Two sperm whales, and a bowhead too. The peak wildlife sighting, though, was a group of walruses bobbing around off the shore of Devon Island. I can’t recall being so entranced by a sighting since I spotted Sumatran elephants in Borneo.

We visited three towns, including Iqaluit. Pond Inlet was my favourite—a mix of rich indigenous cultures and the stunning scenery of Bylot Island from across ice-ridden Eclipse Strait.

I’m writing a feature about the experience in the Winter issue of explore magazine.

But you don’t have to wait—you can have a teaser today. Check out my new video, below. Two weeks in the Arctic, in two minutes.

This video, I think, encapsulates the entirety of the experience. Not only will you see the stunning scenery and cultural performances, but I also convey some of the anticipation and anxiety associated with Arctic travel.

You see, even in 2017, a ship-trip north of 66 is very much at the whim of Mother Nature.


About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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