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Photo Essay: Paris in November (A Traveller’s Secret)


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I was nervous about visiting Paris in November. Would it be cold and rainy? Would we miss relaxing on terraces and basking in the sun? Turns out November is the best time of all.

In This Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • Classic Parisian Sights
  • Crowd-Free Museums & Landmarks
  • Travel Tips & Advice
  • And More!

The airfare was too attractive to pass up. Yes, it would be mid-November, and the temperatures in Paris would teeter on the single-digit-Celsius mark. Yes, we live in Canada and generally choose to vacation in warmer, not colder, temperatures. But then we discovered something else—November is when Paris returns to Parisians.

Forget about hour-long queues at the Louvre—we walked right in. The Eiffel Tower? There were only two people in line ahead of us. Notre Dame? The wait was less than a minute long. Restaurant reservations were made easily. And accommodation prices were as attractive as the airline tickets.

November is the best time to visit Paris. Pack your scarves and warm wool coats—it is the world capital of style, after all—and see the City of Lights the way it was meant to be seen.


We waited only seconds to gain access to the Eiffel Tower stairs.


An empty staircase on the Eiffel Tower—you won’t see that in August.


You guessed it—no lineup at the Palace of Versailles, either.


Landmarks like Versailles are better experienced in quiet contemplation.


No crowds = ample time to get creative with your photography.


It’s cooler in November—but blue sky days are still to be had.


The Gardens of Versailles weren’t in full bloom—pretty much the only drawback to the late-autumn season.


One of our favourite stops in the city—Shakespeare & Co., in Paris’s Latin Quarter.


This is what I call my, “Paris state of mind.”


The Sacre Coeur always draws a bit of a crowd, even on a rainy November evening.


The graves of Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison had a few lookee-loos, but Pere Lachaise Cemetery was otherwise empty.


Typical November weather in Paris—dress accordingly.


J’aime la ville des lumières.


Lengthy breakfasts were the norm; many cafes (such as Hardware Societe, pictured) only had a few fellow patrons.


Notre Dame, Paris, under a grey November sky.


We strolled into Notre Dame on a whim. I didn’t even have time to finish my last sips of coffee before we got to the door.


Funny enough, Musee d’Orsay actually had a longer lineup than the Louvre—fully five people ahead of us!


It would have been easy to reserve a table at the Moulin Rouge. (But it didn’t appeal to us.)


Love Locks on a misty November day.


We spent a full nine hours wandering the hallways of the Louvre—and ate onsite, sans reservations.


People often lament the long queues at the Louvre. We don’t know what they’re talking about.


You can’t enjoy the Louvre jammed in amongst the selfie-snapping hordes. Luckily, we weren’t subjected to that.


Even touristic areas like the Latin Quarter are relatively sedate during a weekday in November.


True, any time of year.


Sealed with a kiss.

About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • Ravi Jul 16, 2018 Link

    Paris is love. i was there yesterday (for fifa win celebration). It was amazing atmosphere, too energetic. Paris is love.

  • Lighting Doctor Jul 8, 2017 Link

    nice post david travel to paris with couple of day it’s awesome tour……….

  • Gerald Wilcox Jun 19, 2017 Link

    My wife keeps saying she wants to visit Paris but I am dreading the crowds. With these tips we can both get what we want out of our trip. Thanks for the advice.

  • Satish May 9, 2017 Link

    Great article, this way November is the perfect month to visit Paris, thanks for the information and the amazing pictures.

  • Jarvis Woodhouse Apr 9, 2017 Link

    Your post took me back to when I lived in Paris for a year, more than 20 years ago. I visited Jim Morrison’s grave and many more of the places in your blog. All I can say is that no matter what month of the year it is, Paris is the perfect place to visit. I love the city, the atmosphere, the jardins de montmartre being one of my all time favourite places. The less tourist areas too, buying a baguette from a street trader and wondering the streets…
    You have me reminiscing 🙂

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