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Canoeing in Quetico: Memories of Sunny Summer


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Quetico Provincial Park is Canada’s premier canoeing destination—see for yourself in a dozen photos:

In This Outdoor Adventure Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • Starry, Starry Nights
  • Campfire Contemplation
  • Paddling Serenity
  • And More!

For Canadians like me, November is the best month to travel. The snowy joys of winter have yet to hit in full force, and summer days are long past. That’s why I’m headed to Paris for 10 days mid-month. (More on that later.)

November is also a great month to daydream about summer.

Today, I’m dreaming of sunny weather and warm water. Of campfires and starry nights. Of days in a canoe and nights in a tent. I’m dreaming of Quetico Provincial Park, in Northwestern Ontario, and the marvellous days I spent there last August.

I’ll be writing in-depth about Quetico in the Summer 2017 issue of explore magazine. Here’s a preview of what I’ll be covering—a nice way to escape from this grey November day.


Wilderness serenity is the rule, not the exception, in Quetico.


One of my best memories from the trip—a sky full of stars.


…Just a quiet moment of campfire contemplation…


John Bartol did the heavy lifting on what was our only portage in three days.


Always, always, always—bring a hammock.


In case you thought this Canadian Shield park was all rock!


Two words for what powered us through long days of paddling: Trail Mix.


There were times when we couldn’t keep the fish off our hooks. This was not one of those times. (But it sure was pretty.)


Lord love a GoPro.


Listening to loons on Pickerel Lake.


I stayed up well past midnight on our final night, watching the stars fall into the lake.


Take. Me. Back.

About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • Chris Cole Aug 16, 2017 Link

    Amazing photos! Especially the milky way – the detail of the night sky with no light pollution is simply breathtaking, thanks for posting David.

  • Kayaker John Jul 14, 2017 Link

    Canoeing is a great way to start exploring adjacent and rural areas of your neighborhood. Its refreshing and keeps you fit.

  • Marvelous read and amazing image!! Great shot!

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