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Video Post: Jaw-Dropping Ivvavik National Park


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More people will stand atop Mount Everest than will visit Ivvavik National Park. Are you ready to explore this breathtaking Arctic preserve?

In This Travel Video You Will Discover:

  • Stunning Arctic Landscapes
  • Midnight Sun Time-Lapses
  • Majestic Mountains & Pristine Rivers
  • Unique Rock Formations & More!

Ivvavik National Park was a privilege to see. Tucked away at the tip of the Yukon, with its base camp set at 69 degrees north and hundreds of kilometres from the nearest road, only a handful of people will ever visit this park. Untouched by the last Ice Age, it’s a place of unique rock formations, abundant wildlife—we saw muskox, caribou, grizzlies and Dall’s sheep—jaw-dropping mountain vistas, clearwater rivers and vast open tundra. And it’s a place of rich culture, illuminated by the Inuvialuit people—stewards of the land for millennia.

And the hiking… wow. There was no point in the five days I spent in Ivvavik where I wasn’t surrounded by an awesome panorama. From deep gorges carved by a frothy river; to tundra dotted with bright lupins; to multi-coloured slate stabbing from mountaintops like the spines on a dragon’s back; to the midnight sun circling the whole expanse like a halo. It is the most beautiful natural environment I have ever seen. (And I’ve seen a lot.)

I could go on. And I will, in an article to appear in explore magazine in Spring 2017. But for now, take a two-minute journey through incredible Ivvavik with this teaser video:

About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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