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Video Post: In-Depth Review of the Pakpod, Travel Tripod


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Are you looking for a new travel tripod? Check out this video review of the Pakpod—a versatile adventure-photographer’s tool.

In This Gear Video You Will Discover:

  • Pakpod Specs & What They Mean
  • Pakpod Origins
  • Detailed Video of the Pakpod in Action
  • And More!

The Pakpod is my third tripod in eight years. And hopefully my last, at least for a while. My first was a lightweight aluminum unit with full-length extendable legs. It was way too fragile; it barely lasted a year. My second was the Joby GorillaPod, which I still have and occasionally use. Tough, yes. Versatile? Not really. It works for some situations, but it’s finicky to mount level and the stubby legs can make setting up shots difficult.

Enter the Pakpod, a Kickstarter-funded enterprise from a photog named Steve Underwood. I met Steve at last year’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, in Salt Lake City, Utah. He had done his research on me—but I hadn’t heard of his product. To be honest, I wasn’t really at the show to find a new tripod. We chatted briefly, and I promised to check it out.

Kind of like building a better mousetrap, I doubted the Pakpod would stand apart from the crowd.

But it does stand apart. Big time. In fact, it’s the only tripod I now use. Check out this three-minute video to see why I love the Pakpod.

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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    Nice post. Thank you for sharing us. Please do more 🙂

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    Great aritcle, thank you again for writing.

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