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Video Post: Dogsledding Adventure in Quebec

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Dogsledding! Anyone can do it—I was driving my own team after just a few minutes of instruction. Join me on a dogsled adventure in Quebec, with this new video:

In This Video Post You Will Discover:

  • A Team of Energetic (& Cute!) Dogs
  • Beautiful & Snowy Quebec Environs
  • Proof Dogsledding is the Best Winter Transport (0:31)

So, I went dogsledding. And it was awesome. These dogs are happiest when they’re pulling a sled—when I arrived at Husky Aventures Harricana, in Val d’Or, Quebec, the pups were losing their minds. Barks, whines, yaps. Some had jumped atop their doghouses, howling at the sun.

They just wanted to run.

Instruction from a lifetime-dogsledder came in French, but I figured it out (with a little translation). He hitched the energetic canines one-by-one to my sled. As each dog joined my team, the sled twitched and bucked forward, like a dragster at the start-line. With five huskies on tether, I was powered up.

I pulled the anchor and unhooked the safety rope. We lurched forward—the dogs instantly calmed and quieted. They had a job to do—pull. We went from an absolute racket of howls and barks to the simple sound of runners on snow and the pit-pat of dog paws.

But whenever we stopped, the dogs lost it again. Like I said, they are happiest when pulling that sled. It’s kind of hilarious. And a lovely way to traverse Quebec’s wintery wilds.

See for yourself, with this video I shot for explore magazine. It’s one-minute of joy.

(Wondering who is sitting in the sled? It’s the owner’s daughter—11 years old, and she was my guide.)

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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