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Photo Essay: Images From New Brunswick’s Gorgeous Fundy Coastal Drive


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Join me on a tour of New Brunswick’s Fundy Coastal Drive—18 photos to illuminate Canada’s Maritime gem:

In This Travel Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • Stunning Island Sunsets
  • A Big Bison Head
  • The World’s Highest Tides
  • Charming Seaside Towns
  • And Much More!

It took 36 years of being a Canadian before I finally made it to New Brunswick. The good news is that this visit to NB means my mission to set foot in every province and territory in Canada is now complete. (Applause.) Beyond just a bucket-list-tick, I thoroughly enjoyed my five days in New Brunswick. And for more reasons than lobster at nearly every meal. (Seriously, I ate lobster every day.)

Starting in Saint John, I, and a small group of travel journalists plus our Tourism New Brunswick host—shoutout to Rose!—toured one of the province’s classic scenic drives: the Fundy Coastal Drive. Running along the Bay of Fundy Coast in the southeast corner of New Brunswick, the official route travels from St. Stephen to Sackville. Our route took us from charming Saint Andrews in the south, to Moncton in the north, a town famous for its dramatic tidal bore.

I’ll be writing in-depth on some of the outdoorsy adventures in this area in a 2016 issue of explore magazine. Expect to get to know Grand Manan Island quite a bit better when that article hits the stands next fall.

But that’s a long way off. In the meantime, here are 18 photos from New Brunswick’s Fundy Coastal Drive to tide (ha ha) you over:


The Fundy Footpath is a rugged, 42-km backcountry trail that I really want to return to.


Amazingly, I didn’t alter this image—taken at Long Eddy Point Lighthouse on Grand Manan Island, this is how it looked to the naked eye. (Also, a minke whale surfaced nearby at the same time. For real.)


The mighty tidal bore—a massively powerful wall of seawater that rumbles more than 30 km up Moncton’s Petitcodiac River on every flood tide, raising the river level as much as 7.5 metres in just a few minutes.


The Bay of Fundy experiences the highest tides in the world—see the below image, taken four hours earlier, for the ebb/flood difference.


See? Really high tides!


The Rossmount Inn is the best restaurant in Saint Andrews, possibly the entire province, thanks to the creative cookery of Chef Chris Aerni.


Ministers Island is a unique locale only accessible at low tide—drive across the ocean floor, but get back before high tide! (The estate on Ministers was once owned by the wealthy railway baron Sir William Van Horne.)


The Marathon Inn, on Grand Manan Island, is Canada’s oldest continuously operated hotel.


Kingsbrae Garden, in Saint Andrews—a relaxing respite for the traveller.


The outdoor artwork was my favourite part of Kingsbrae Garden.


Hopewell Rocks—one of the Bay of Fundy’s most famous locations due to its Dr. Seuss-like rock formations.


Do you see the face in the rocks at Hopewell?


The dramatic Bay of Fundy tides will completely cover these extensive mudflats at Hopewell Rocks.


The tides at Hopewell flow in and submerge these rocks right up to the “bulge.” Don’t get caught out!


Hopewell Rocks—mecca for the landscape photographer.


Swallowtail Lighthouse, Grand Manan Island—picturesque New Brunswick at its best.


Succulents on display at Kingsbrae Garden, Saint Andrews.


One more sunset before you go. #Nofilter.


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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • komal Dec 9, 2015 Link

    Never been to Canada, but would really like to go sometime! That picture of the New Brunswick’s Fundy is stunning.

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