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Roundup: My Most Popular Posts


I enjoy looking through my most-read and most-shared content. It provides great insight into what the Internet finds interesting. Though sometimes the results are surprising:

In This Blogging Article You Will Find:

  • Five Most Read Posts
  • Five Most Liked Posts
  • Five Most Pinned Posts
  • Five Most Tweeted Posts

It would stand to reason that my “most read” content would line up exactly to my “most shared.” But it’s not even close.

So what gives? The Internet is a strange beast. And just because someone shared it, doesn’t mean he or she read it. (How often have you liked a post just based on the featured image or headline? Be honest!)

Conversely, some of my “most read” posts have small social-share counts. What?

Further, while some of the Like and Pin counts are quite high (Most Liked: 1.6K), the overall Tweet numbers are much lower — does this mean people are less likely to Tweet an article than they are to Like or Pin it? Seems so.

Check out what people like to read, Like, Pin and Tweet:

(And by the way — this post’s featured image is homage to the fact that 3/5 of my “most liked” posts are about Canada’s Yukon, and 4/5 are about Canada’s north in general.)

Current as of March 13, 2015. One viral post and the whole list is shot!

Most Read:

Bali: Your Guide To The Top 6 Must-See Spots
Italy’s Dangerous History: From Gladiators’ Swords Onward
Alberta’s Best Snow Resorts: Skiing & Snowboarding in Wild Rose Country
The Best Restaurants in Edmonton, Alberta
7 Reasons Why I Hate Las Vegas

Most Liked:

Road Trip: California’s Iconic Pacific Coast
Special Photo Essay: Dawson City, Yukon — The True Klondike Explored *(also on “Most Pinned”)
Dawson City, Yukon: Strange Things Done
Nunavik: At Home in a Great Land
Photo Essay: Yukon’s Natural & Cultural Wonders Exposed

Most Pinned:

Fly Fishing Photo Essay: Canada’s Greatest Freshwater Adventures!
Yellowstone National Park Guide: 5 Essential Tips
Special Photo Essay: Dawson City, Yukon — The True Klondike Explored *(also on “Most Liked”)
Thailand Guide: 5 Must-Visit Beaches
5 Awesome Restaurants in Aruba

Most Tweeted:

Special Post! Fishing in Haida Gwaii: A Photo Essay
8 Important Travel Items You Haven’t Thought Of
Bali: Your Guide To The Top 6 Must-See Spots *(most read)
Fly Fishing for Arctic Char in Nunavut is the Ultimate Adventure for the Angler
New York vs. San Francisco: Your Guide to America’s Signature Cities

Which one did you share?

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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