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Video Post: Excitement! ATVs & Ski-Doos from Coast-to-Coast


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Ski-doos & ATVs? It doesn’t get more fun than that. Yup, sometimes only horsepower will do. Check out this riding video, mashing-up Newfoundland dirt and Golden snow.

In This Motorsports Video You Will Discover:

  • Golden, BC’s Best Ski-Doo Terrain
  • Newfoundland’s Scenic ATV riding
  • Huge Avalanche Chutes
  • Fast Riding

It’s true — I’m a bit of  redneck sometimes. I crave power and only internal combustion will do. That’s why I had a blast sledding in Golden, BC last winter and riding ATVs in Newfoundland during the summer. What more needs to be said? Check out this mashup of snowmobile shredding in in the Rockies and ATV ripping on The Rock:

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • ED Dec 2, 2014

    so true….only horsepower will do….keep posting

  • ED Dec 2, 2014

    nice post…..

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