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Photo Essay: Amazing Images from Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore


Join me on an exploration of Nova Scotia — discover the remote and beautiful Eastern Shore: home of surf beaches, kayak routes and historical villages.

In This Nova Scotia Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • Where to Surf in Atlantic Canada
  • Living Museums
  • Amazing Lobsters
  • Scenic Kayak Routes
  • & More

My recent trip to Nova Scotia was important for two reasons. First, it got me one step closer to having visited all 13 provinces and territories in Canada. (Newfoundland & Labrador and New Brunswick are all that remain… though I’ve technically been to Labrador.) But most of all, I was afforded the opportunity to explore the path-less-travelled: the Eastern Shore.

Rather than hanging around Lunenburg, Peggy’s Cove and the Bay of Fundy, like most Nova Scotia tourists do, I drove northeast from Halifax along the Eastern Shore. And here’s what I saw:


One stop before I left Halifax: the famous Citadel, where one can see a real 1890s-era musket fire!


Buttercup (a.k.a. Butterball), the friendly woodchuck. Just one of the many animals receiving medical care and rehabilitation at the Hope for Wildlife centre in Seaforth.


We were surfing some solid knee-high waves at Lawrencetown Beach with East Coast Surf School. In autumn, waves here get over-head on a perfect point-break.


Lawrencetown Beach is one of many picturesque waterfronts on the Eastern Shore.


Yea, I guess that’s a pretty big lobster… (on display at Memory Lane, an authentic 1940s Maritime Village).


Kayaking with Coastal Adventures — this is scenic Baltee Island, offshore of Tangier.


Welcomed by a new friend as we return from our half-day kayak trip.


Let’s be honest. This is the real reason we all go to Nova Scotia.


Sherbrooke Village is an authentic, mid-19th century town; a living museum. These interesting “medicines” were on display at the apothecary.


One of the many colourful characters at Sherbrooke Village — care to buy a spurtle?


Tony the Blacksmith pounds some iron at Sherbrooke Village. (And he even let me try!)


DesBarres Manor Inn, in Guysborough; one of the nicest hotels on the Eastern Shore (although it may be haunted).

I’m writing an article for Explore Magazine on the surf scene; due out in September — just in time for the hurricane season swells.

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • Meryl Atkinson Aug 26, 2014 Link

    Great pictures of our beautiful Eastern Shore. It was a pleasure meeting you and the other members of the group. I am very happy you enjoyed our lobster dinner and hope you will return sometime to enjoy another meal at The Henley House Pub and Restaurant in Sheet Harbour.

  • The Local Traveler Jun 19, 2014 Link

    That photo of buttercup is ADORABLE and your other photos are amazing, too. I love Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, you’ve captured it well.

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