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Video Post: Walking With Wolves


Join me on a walk to remember — Walking With Wolves in Golden, British Columbia. An immersive wildlife experience like no other!

In This Travel Video You Will See:

  • Wolves Up Close
  • Wolves Interacting With Humans
  • Wild Environs

The grey wolf is Canada’s most beautiful wild animal. It is also one of our most elusive, and unfortunately, one of our most demonized. The Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre, in Golden, British Columbia, seeks to end the era of canis lupus-phobia by educating visitors about how wolves are so-often misunderstood — and demonstrating that wolves are very much a keystone species worthy of greater protection.

How? By taking you on a walk with wolves from their pack. Check out this video I shot for Explore Magazine to see what I mean:

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • Tina May 11, 2014 Link

    What a great experience, I wish I could do the same one day..

  • Suki F Apr 8, 2014 Link

    Such beautiful creatures! I would love to have a chance to visit that wildlife centre! I bet it was a unique experience.

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