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6 Awesome Trips I’m Taking in 2014


My 2014 trip planning is in full effect — here is a rundown of six trips I’m excited about this year.

In This Travel Blog You Will Discover:

  • Where to Get Up Close to Wolves
  • How to See the Northern Lights
  • BC’s Best Heli-Skiing
  • West Coast Vs. East Coast Surf

What are you doing this year? Although I’ve already flown to Salt Lake City this year, and I’m off to Toronto this week — the best is yet to come. Here are six trips I’ve got in the works for 2014 and I’m stoked for all of them.

Walk With Wolves (Golden, BC)

I’ve only seen a wild wolf a couple of times — and each time I was spellbound. Grey wolves are the most beautiful creatures of the Canadian wilds. Maybe the world. I’ll be joining a Media FAM trip in March to Golden, BC, where we’ll “Walk with Wolves” at the Northern Lights Wolf Centre. NLWC cares for wolves that were born and bred in captivity and cannot fare for themselves in the wild; adopted wolves live out their lives in comfort on-site. Daily, wolves are taken for off-leash exercise walks through the scenic Columbia and Rocky Mountains and we’re invited to join them. Should make for amazing photos.

Heli-Ski (Golden, BC)

On the same Media FAM, we’ll meet up with Rudi Gertsch of Purcell Heli-Skiing for a day of shredding deep Purcell Powder. I haven’t been heli-skiing since 2005; I am very excited to do it again. I skied the Purcells in 2006, at Purcell Lodge, and it was some of the deepest, driest powder I’ve ever experienced. I’ll be shooting video with my GoPro too. Keep posted.

See The Northern Lights (Nunavik, QC)

OK — so the Northern Lights are just a small part of the backcountry touring adventure I’m going on in Kuururjuaq National Park in Arctic Quebec, but I’ve been obsessed with the damn aurora borealis for years. Despite having visited all three Canadian territories, and having lived in Edmonton from 2007 to 2009, I’ve never seen them! I’m starting to think they’re a myth. Hopefully, during my weeklong ski across the barren Arctic tundra, exploring a new route around Kangiqsualujjuaq with operator Karavaniers du Monde, I’ll see the lights just once.

Check Out The Windy City (Chicago, IL)

#IPW14! Who else is going? This will be my first time at America’s largest tourism conference and I’m happy to have been invited. I’ve set my appointments, booked my Sunday FAM Tour (Craft Breweries) and getting ready for some serious schmoozing. I’ll be flying there right after my trip to Nunavik, but I’ll have two days to rest and check out Chicago before the conference. Any suggestions?

Surf the East Coast (Lawrencetown, NS)

When I touch down in Halifax, I’ll be one step closer to having visited every province and territory in Canada. (Only Newfoundland & Labrador and New Brunswick remain, FYI.) But that’s not why I’m there. I’ll be on a FAM again, this time hosted by Tourism Nova Scotia, and I’ll be checking out the surf scene at Lawrencetown Beach. I’ve never surfed the East Coast before. I’ve heard it’s awesome, and unlike most surf scenes, this one is actually welcoming.

Road-Trip SoCal (Los Angeles & area, CA)

All work and no play makes Dave a dull boy. Erin and I have date-yet-to-be-determined plans to fly to LAX, rent a convertible and bomb around SoCal for a week or so. I’m really looking forward to this one. We’ll spend a day or two in LA, and then head to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park. San Diego’s surf breaks will be calling after that — then we’ll cruise north on the 101 to Santa Barbara for some relaxation by the sand.

Wow! Nothing outside of North America, you ask? Well — just wait. I’m not done planning yet.

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(Image courtesy Bonjour Quebec)

About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • David Webb Apr 24, 2014 Link

    I didn’t get a chance to eat at Giordano’s unfortunately, but I did visit Goose Island Brewery and brunch at the 360 Chicago (John Hancock Observatory)! I have to go back to see more… very cool city.

  • Hailey Hirst Apr 15, 2014 Link

    I hope you had a chance to visit Giordano’s for some deep dish pizza while you were in Chicago! I’m still dreaming of that pizza six months later after visiting in October. Next time you make it to the Windy City, go to Kingston Mines if you haven’t been, it’s the oldest blues bar in the city! It was the highlight of our trip.

  • Hannah Feb 21, 2014 Link

    Would love to go see the northern lights! You’ve got some pretty cool trips ahead of you!

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