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Travel Blog Case Study: My Most Liked, Most Tweeted & Most Pinned Posts


Read on to see my five most-liked, most-tweeted and most-pinned posts — and discover what I’ve learned about social sharing in the process:

In This Study You Will Discover:

  • Popular Facebook Posts
  • Popular Twitter Posts
  • Popular Pinterest Posts
  • What I’ve Learned
  • Unanswered Questions

I recently looked through my 190 blog posts to uncover which had been socially shared and liked the most. Below, you’ll find my “5 Most Tweeted,” “5 Most Liked” and “5 Most Pinned” posts. (Current as of January 28, 2014. Frankly, a lot has changed since then — but the lessons are still valid.)

What do I think of all of this? Here are some of my discoveries:

• My three “most liked” posts all cover a similar destination — Yukon Territories, Canada. And of those three, the top two were about Dawson City, Yukon. No explanation other than: “people like the Yukon.”

• My five “most liked” posts were all about Canada — and relatively obscure places in Canada at that. The lesson here: write what you know best!

• There is only one post that appears on both my 5 Most Liked and 5 Most Tweeted list — and none that appear on the Twitter and Facebook lists that also appear on my Pinterest list. Lesson? Different networks share different content.

• On my Pinterest rundown, only one post is a narrative — the rest are “list-format” posts or photo essays. On the Facebook rundown, three are narratives and two are photo essays. On the Twitter rundown, one is a narrative, three are lists and one is a photo essay. Thoughts? Narratives tend to have more emotional connection, so Facebook is a popular outlet for these. Pinterest is often a source of straightforward “how-to” information or “pretty pictures,” so lists and photo essays are popular here. Twitter? Lists are the most popular, perhaps as they are quickly scanned for info — just like Twitter.

• Often the like/tweet/pin ratio is not only uneven, it’s incredibly skewed to one network. Examples? My “most liked” post (227 likes) only has six tweets. My “most tweeted” post doesn’t appear on any of the other two lists, same for my “most-pinned” post.

• The relationship between post comments and social shares is interesting. Of my five “most liked,” only one appears my “Top 10 Most Commented” widget (at number nine). Of my five “most tweeted,” only two appear on the “most commented” list. And of the “most pinned,” only one appears on the “most commented” list. Lesson: what compels people to comment doesn’t always compel them to share. (Reference: see “Top 10 Most Commented” on the homepage, top right widget.)

• According to Google Analytics — my most-visited and most-shared/liked posts don’t always line up. In fact, of my 10 most popular posts by visits, only two appear on the below lists: #4 and #3 on “most liked” and “most tweeted,” respectively, and #5 on “most pinned.” Lesson here? No matter what Zuckerberg tells you, Google is still king.

• Of the 15 posts studied below, only two contain a single image — the rest have multiple photos embedded throughout the post. Lesson? People love photos!

• Three of my 5 Most Liked Posts pre-date my blog’s Facebook fan page. This means the combined 287 likes of my these three posts were essentially organic. Further, my second “most pinned” post pre-dates my joining Pinterest — meaning again, its social engagement was organic.

• Despite having 35,000-plus views on my YouTube videos, there are no “video posts” in the below lists. This means that virtually all of my YouTube engagement (a social network in itself) is directly through YouTube, not via my blog.

• The entirety of the 15 posts below contain: four photo essays, five narratives and six lists. Lists seem to be the overall most-shared/liked — no surprise — but not massively so as is often believed.

5 Most Liked Posts

  1. Special Photo Essay: Dawson City, Yukon — The True Klondike Explored
  2. Dawson City, Yukon: Strange Things Done
  3. Photo Essay: Yukon’s Natural & Cultural Wonders Exposed
  4. Fly Fishing for Arctic Char in Nunavut is the Ultimate Adventure for the Angler
  5. Healing Waters: Saskatchewan’s Version of the Dead Sea Will Cure What Ails You

5 Most Tweeted Posts

  1. Special Post! Fishing in Haida Gwaii: A Photo Essay
  2. How to Keep Your Camera Safe While Travelling
  3. Fly Fishing for Arctic Char in Nunavut is the Ultimate Adventure for the Angler
  4. New York vs. San Francisco: Your Guide to America’s Signature Cities
  5.  8 Important Travel Items You Haven’t Thought Of

5 Most Pinned Posts

  1. Yellowstone National Park Guide: 5 Essential Tips
  2. The World’s Best Ice Fishing Locations
  3. Exploring Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park
  4. Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys! Discover Mischievous Jungle Dwellers in Bali, Indonesia
  5.  Thailand Guide: 5 Must-Visit Beaches

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • David Webb Feb 4, 2014 Link

    Well, it is a pretty amazing place…

  • ally Feb 3, 2014 Link

    Why do you think the Yukon posts went so viral on Facebook?

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