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Belize: A Gorgeous Travel Photo Essay


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Belize is fast becoming one of adventure travel’s premier destinations — and after a week spent there, I can see why. Some of the world’s finest sea kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding combines with a snorkel mecca in a sunny, sandy, culturally rich paradise on the sea.

In This Belize Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • Unique Kayaking Experiences
  • Underwater Scenes
  • Paradise Beach Huts
  • And More!

In December, I spent a week kayaking along Belize’s southern barrier reef with Island Expeditions. We explored the Southwater Cayes Marine Reserve, a near 50,000-hectare preserve replete with coral, fish, invertebrates, sandy beaches, mangroves and conch shells. And stingrays. Lots of stingrays.

I was squirted with ink by a surly squid, got up-close with an octopus, snorkelled in a mangrove stand, sailed a kayak, paddled to a Smithsonian Marine Institute, paddleboarded offshore a desert island and ate lots of Marie Sharp’s hot sauce. Wanna see for yourself? Check out my Belize Travel Photo essay; a week in the Paradise Islands:


Kayaking through the mangroves of Twin Cayes.


Stand-up Paddleboarding off Tobacco Caye.


Kayak sailing — a unique experience in Belize.


Tobacco Caye; my favourite spot in Belize.


No filters needed for photography in Belize.


Another beautiful Belizean sunset.


Our arrival via sail at Southwater Caye.


Always remember to do the “stingray shuffle” when wading in Belize!


Belize is one of the world’s best dive and snorkel destinations.


Belize’s reef-crest is a natural aquarium.


Lunch on a reef? Only in Belize!


Colourful queen angelfish (bottom) were a highlight of the mangrove snorkel.


SUP instructor Felix demonstrates the pivot-turn.


Tobacco Caye at night. Total calm.


It may seem cruel, but snorkelers are actually encouraged to spear the invasive, unwelcome lion fish, which do a great deal of damage to local ecosystems.


“Look, Ma! No Hands!” Kayak sailing is a more relaxing way to travel the sea.


It can’t be sunny all the time…


The mangroves of Twin Cayes provided a unique snorkel experience.


Garifuna drummers from Hopkins perform their infectious rhythms.


A school of French gruntfish hides beneath fan coral.


A reef of conch shells against the setting sun; picturesque.

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • katie featherstone Jan 14, 2014 Link

    Amazing photos- the colour of the sea is amazing. Love ‘Kayak sailing — a unique experience in Belize.’ particularly.

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