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Photo Essay: Beautiful Bahia Solano, Colombia (Part Two)


Embark on a vacation to Colombia’s Pacific Coast — you won’t regret it. I loved my time in Bahia Solano, Colombia. Travel along with me with this illuminating photo essay:

In This Colombia Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • Newborn Turtles
  • (A dolphin that is the opposite of that)
  • Expansive Beaches
  • The Best Accommodation
  • And More!

Colombia — is this South America’s most beautiful country? Well, I haven’t travelled extensively in S.A., but I’m certain Colombia is in the running. I relished 10 days on the country’s Pacific Coast, Bahia Solano region, hopping from eco-lodge to eco-lodge via rough-and-tumble boat ride in an attempt to experience everything the region has to offer.

See what I discovered with Part Two of my Colombia Travel Photo Essay:

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A newly-hatched olive ridley turtle makes its way out to sea; possibly to live another 200 years.


A bucket of newly-hatched turtles being escorted to the seaside.


El Cantil, one of Bahia Solano’s nicest eco-lodges.


It’s a rainforest. How rainy? Imagine eight metres of rainfall annually!


Relaxing after a long day; El Cantil, Nuqui.


Sorry. But at least now you can’t claim to have never seen a dead dolphin.


A turkey vulture circles overhead…


This silly dog accompanied us on a hike to a natural hot springs, waited for us to finish swimming, then walked us back to the lodge and disappeared.


The ubiquitous Red Crab, found in abundance in Bahia Solano.


Bahia Solano’s beaches are usually totally empty; they have a Pirate Island feel.


Exploring an unnamed river via kayak.


Me, on a beach walk with my Buddy For The Day.


Unquestionably, the best thirst-quencher in the world (and nothing like the canned stuff).

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

5 comments… add one
  • Viajes a Marruecos Oct 20, 2016 Link

    Amazing adventure , Very beautiful pictures i love it

  • Katie Featherstone Aug 31, 2014 Link

    Wow, it looks incredible. I really wish I’d spent more time in Colombia. Need to go back already!

  • David Webb Nov 25, 2013 Link

    Thanks! I was with a local “expert” at the time, and she said it was more than likely natural causes. No “foul play” suspected.

  • Tina Nov 21, 2013 Link

    What an adventure you had. Great pictures, I wonder what happened to that dolphin..

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