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Glacier Views Over Kluane National Park

Kluane National Park.

Join me on a flightseeing tour of Yukon’s Kluane National Park — experience glacier views, boundless mountains and expansive wilderness with a cool video (that’s also loaded with Kluane facts!).

In This Yukon Video You Will Discover:

  • The World’s Second-Largest Non-Polar Icefields
  • Canada’s Tallest Mountain
  • Kluane Facts & Trivia
  • Close-Ups of Massive Glaciers

Kluane National Park and Reserve, in the southwest corner of Canada’s Yukon Territory, represents the type of boundless wild only the far north can deliver. At more than 20,000 sq-km, and part of a system of parks totalling almost 100,000 sq-km, the scale of this area is staggering.

Much of it is still unexplored by foot or ski — that’s why airplane flightseeing tours are popular with Kluane visitors (what few there are).

They allow us to see areas otherwise totally unaccessible, and to see raw Earth as it was long before mankind interfered. Sort of — as you can also get a good look at one glacier that has receded notably in the past 50 years. Learn more about that and other Kluane National Park facts with this video I shot from a recent trip:

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • Ordinary Dec 18, 2015 Link

    Great pictures but I think there is a sseiitnr side to this trip. You’ve been paid off by a clandestine BC/Yukon/Alaska tourism cabal.For shame: luring future unwary, city-dwelling motorcyclists with stunning shots of wilderness that look a little too perfect to be photos (great pic of Kluane). Behind the camera the ugly truth: wolverines shredding perfectly good Metzlers, unruly gangs of moose rifling through tankbags, and blackflies big as Cessnas gnashing through leathers for a tasty snack.Not such a pretty picture, eh?

  • David Webb Sep 25, 2013 Link

    It’s my understanding that, technically, the icefields of Greenland that lie south of the “pole area” are larger than those in Kluane, so Kluane takes second spot. (This info was from a retired Parks Canada guide, who lives in the region and works as a hiking guide.)

  • David Sep 25, 2013 Link

    Actually, the world’s largest non-polar icefield. Not second largest.

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