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Photo Essay: Aruba, One Happy Island


They call it “One Happy Island” — and believe me, it’s easy to see why. Let your cares drift away on the trade-winds and join me on an exploration of the tropical isle of Aruba:

In This Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • Aruba’s Largest Park
  • Underwater Sights
  • Rogue Waves
  • Perfect Sunsets

Five days in Aruba wasn’t enough. I had just truly begun to relax and I was back on a flight to the Great White North. No question, I’ll return one day — but until then, I have my memories. And these photos of Aruba, One Happy Island:


Classic Caribbean waters (Spanish Lagoon).


Underwater on Aruba’s choppy north coast.


Brain Coral at Spanish Lagoon.


Sunset dining at Pincho’s Bar & Restaurant.


Palm Beach – home to the high-rise hotels.


Rogue wave! Getting soaked at the Natural Pool on Aruba’s north coast.


A couple of local residents scurry past our lunch table.


Deep-water drift-snorkelling at Mike’s Reef.


Shallow-water snorkelling at Spanish Lagoon.


Every Thursday, the streets of San Nicolas come alive with the Carubbian Festival.


Beach tennis novices: learning the skills.


Beach tennis pros: I couldn’t compete with these folks!


Snorkelling through a school of fish at Spanish Lagoon.


Enter the bat cave — not all the bats were sleeping…


An astonishing 18 per cent of Aruba is devoted to Arikok National Park.


Expect 80-plus-feet of visibility while snorkelling in Aruba.

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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