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3 Dream Motorcycle Adventure Tours


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As summer approaches and motorcycle riding season comes into full-swing, it’s time to daydream about the world’s ultimate two-wheeled adventures. Here are my three dream trips:

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When I dream of adventure, I picture myself on two-wheels, alone, riding unfamiliar and expansive terrain — not stuffed in jam-packed buses or jet-setting overtop oceans. Motorcycle travel is a tactile way to experience the land — one experiences every nuance, from a bump in the road to the smell of a pasture .

Here are 3 Dream Motorcycle Trips I’ve got in the works:

The Pan-American Highway

Passing through 18 countries along its 48,000 km length, the Pan-American Highway is the longest motorable road-way in the world. Officially stretching from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina, it is unbroken save a 159-km near-impassable stretch between Panama and Colombia known as the Darien Gap. From boreal forest, to desert, to metropolis, to coast and more, this is the world’s ultimate motorway — it has been called an “idea as vast as Pan-Americanism itself.” I expect the journey will take three months, although technically I won’t be completing the whole length, as I will depart from Vancouver, BC, rather than Alaska. Still counts though, right?

Himalayas By Enfield

After I spent a month in India, I returned with a stronger-than-ever desire to tour the country by motorcycle. By Royal Enfield, (India’s signature steed) to be specific. Sure, I rambled around Goa on a scooter… but it’s not the same as true adventure touring. And I’d do it in the chilly north, not the sun-baked south. As I’m a sucker for one-of-a-kind roadsigns, a ride along Khardung La — the world’s highest motorable road at 5,602 metres — would be worth it just to pose by its famous altitude marker. The scenery of Kashmir and the isolated Himalayas would be icing on the cake.

Mongolia on Two Wheels

Vast wilderness, foreign landscape, unique culture — the world’s least-populated country calls out to every true adventure rider. Pick a direction and ride; you are a nomad in a country of nomads. Gobi Desert with camels in the background? High altitude peaks interconnected with valleys of tundra? The path once ridden by Genghis Khan? My only worry is whether I’ll be able to stomach sheep testicle soup. The riding excitement is a sure thing.

When riding, having the right motorcycle gear is paramount. Get geared up with a good motorcycle textile clothing and your trip will be infinitely better.

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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