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Incredible Days in Delhi: A Photo Essay


Explore India’s chaotic capital city in photos — enjoy my pictorial essay of the best sights and experiences in Delhi.

In This India Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • The Lotus Temple
  • The Most Spectacular Mosque
  • Secrets of the Sikh Temple
  • And More!

Arriving in Delhi for the first time is a culture shock — the whole city leaves the average Westerner wide-eyed and agog. The sheer volume of people, the crumbling infrastructure merging with 21st century ambition, the bamboozling bazaars, and the ancient ruins and sprawling temples peppered throughout the metropolis all combine to create a city without equal (for better and worse). And I loved it there! My only regret was not spending more time.

If you’re thinking of giving Delhi a try, get inspired with these images from a day in Delhi:


Old Delhi and the Chawri Bazaar.


The mystic, stunning gates of Jama Masjid in Old Delhi.


Entering Delhi’s most spectacular (and largest) mosque — Jama Masjid.


Walking through the 500-sq-m courtyard of Jama Masjid, Delhi.


A random, 900-year-old mausoleum on the outskirts of the city. Only in Delhi…


You must remove your shoes and cover your head when entering a sikh temple.


Entering a sikh temple in Old Delhi, during a chant prayer.


An offering from the sikh temple. I ate it. Eventually.


Chhatarpur Temple, south Delhi — one of India’s largest Hindu temples.


Chhatarpur Temple and a sacred cow statue outside the tomb of the temple’s founder, Baba Sant Nagpal Ji.


The famous Lotus Temple — a fairly new, and very beautiful, Baha’i Temple in south Delhi.


This steadfast iron pole, in Qutub Minar, has not rusted in 2,500 years. And no one knows why.


The stunning, 800-year-old, 75-m-tall Qutub Minar in South Delhi.


Qutub Minar and India’s oldest mosque, built in 1183 after the defeat of Hindu Delhi.

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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