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Weird or What?! Oddball Photos From Around The Globe


Whether it’s a funny sign, a funky critter, oddball dude or just a cultural quirk, the world is full of surprises. Here are some of my favourite weird photos from the past few years:

In This Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • Quirks of Thailand
  • Monkey Troubles
  • Off-Beat Canadiana
  • And More!

It has been said, “it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world.” Frankly, I think that’s an understatement. Here are 15 photos that just make ya go hmmmm…


“Cockroaches! Get your red-hot, crunchy cockroaches here!” (Thailand)


Well, it sure SOUNDS restful. (Northern BC)



So, JUST cowboys then? (Maui)


“What do you mean you can’t get me my car right now?” (Las Vegas)


Hey there little fella…


…OH MY GOD! (Indonesia)


For all imperative governmental and administrative inquiries, please contact “Stan the Man.” (Northwest Territories)


Yes, this man is dead. No, I don’t know why he is wearing Ray-Bans. (Thailand)


Wasn’t this just like how “The Hills Have Eyes” started? (Maui)


No need to look closer, those are what you think they are. (Thailand)


“I’d like the most ‘Canadian’ thing on your menu, please.” (Northwest Territories)


Thankfully, I could continue on my way… or could I…? (Washington State)


The world’s most expensive coffee — straight from the cat’s ass to your mouth! No, I’m not kidding. (Indonesia)


I’m guessing the bald one has heard this story before… (Las Vegas)


Yes, ladies — they do ask. (Indonesia)

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

5 comments… add one
  • Italy Blog Jul 13, 2012 Link

    Love these pictures.” Stan the Man” hahaha

  • David Webb Jun 25, 2012 Link

    Hi Maribeth:
    I actually asked the same question. The response I got was that it is not permitted to risk getting, um, blood on the temple floor. They would also deny access to anyone or anything (a stray dog for example) with an open wound, but it is not, of course, possible to “identify” other concerns they holy men have. (Sorry for being graphic… Just re-telling exactly what I was told.) Thanks for commenting!

  • Maribeth Jun 23, 2012 Link

    How about “menstruating women”? Isn’t it discriminating too? ^^ I wonder why they won’t allow menstruating women inside a “holy place”.

  • This is hilarious. I agree with Nomadic Sam- those poor vampires. 😉

  • Nomadic Samuel Jun 4, 2012 Link

    This is a brilliantly quirky photo essay. Those poor discriminated against vampires 😛

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