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Dream Trips: 5 Ultimate Adventures


Let’s dream on — here are my Top 5 ultimate dream trips:

In This Dream Trip Article You Will Discover

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It’s not as though I’ve already been everywhere, or even close to it (especially according to that deflating new Facebook App, “100 Places To Visit Before You Die”). Travellers in the Century Club (visits to 100-plus countries) are getting more and more common, and I’m at an absolute fraction of that. Quality over quantity is my modus operandi at the moment…

But there are certain Dream Trips I am working towards that are a bit more involved than simply buying a plane ticket and heading out on holidays. In fact, the blessing (and curse?) of travel today is that there are very few places super-difficult to visit (war-zones excluded). For example, I haven’t yet been to Tahiti — but check back next year or two and I probably will have the stamp. So that’s why all-but-one of my dream trips are actually more about the journey than the destination. Read on, dream with me, and add your own Dream Trip in the comments section.

Motorcycle RTW


RTW via motorcycle – just you and the open road, right around the globe.

This is the ultimate journey — Round The World via Motorcycle. It’s been done many times before, by the likes of Ted Simon (twice), Greg Frazier (four times and counting), Robert Edison Fulton Jr. (first to do it, in 1932!), a couple of actors from the UK and, well, lots of others too.

Motorcycle travel is the ultimate way to see the world — save perhaps a bicycle, but let’s be reasonable — as rather than jet-setting from one airport to the next, you literally see, smell and feel the world you travel. Elevation gains and descents, the temperature differences between sunlight and shade, the good weather and the bad, roadside smells… these are the reasons I love motorcycle adventure travel. And to experience a world’s worth of sensory perception: starting in Vancouver, riding to Halifax, picking up again in the UK, then crossing Europe, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, Russia again (Siberia), hopping one more boat across the Bering Sea then riding back home from Alaska? That would be the ultimate adventure — and one that I intend on taking.

Tierra del Fuego via Motorcycle


Ruta 40 – the final stretch of the Pan-American Highway (north-to-south). (Courtesy Tourism Argentina)

Of all the trips on my list, this one is the closest to reality. In 2010, I solo-motorcycled to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, and I have another long solo-trip planned for this year — southward. It’s all in prep for one of motorcycling’s great roads: the Pan-American Highway. Leading from Anchorage, Alaska, to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina (with a brief interruption at the Darien Gap) this 48,000-km route takes one from as close to polar opposites as is possible via land travel. While I don’t intend on heading to Alaska just to lay claim to the full-route (I’ve already done the North), Vancouver to the tip of South America via my KLR650 is on the list — sooner rather than later. Keep posted.



Is Antarctica the ultimate destination? (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

While I’m down there… may as well try to get a last-minute deal on a cruise to one of the world’s last inaccessible destinations. Yes, the North Pole is actually harder to get to, but a visit to the frozen continent is what officially secures your status as “Traveller of Note.” Next time you’re listening to some travel snob pontificate about his trek through Nepal, you can interject with, “That’s nice for the tourist, but I prefer to natural authenticity of Antarctica.”

All kidding aside, the penguins, whales and purity of Antarctica are what draw me to this place — not the bragging rights. It would be hard to imagine returning as the same person you were when you left.

Africa Motorcycle Circumnavigation


‘Round Africa via motorcycle… yes. (Credit: Antonela-Magzan-dreamstime)

Call it “The Long Way Down, Across and Back Up Again.” And as much as I’d love to be followed by a camera crew and support truck, I don’t see it happening… so I’ll have to manage my dream of an African Circumnavigation via motorcycle alone. I would ride south from Morocco, cut east at Dakar, Senegal; (side trip to Timbuktu, Mali, then through Niger); dive south again in Chad and continue to South Africa (via Gabon, Angola, Namibia) — take a break — then head north (via Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt) and finally head east to Tunis, Tunisia. Can you think of a better way to see The Continent?


Sailing across the Pacific has long been a dream of mine. (Credit: dreamstime_Danieloizo)

Trans-Pacific Sailing

A friend of mine did this one a few years back — and I have longed to do it ever since reading Dove as a kid. There is no greater feeling than that of pure amazement, and to be mid-Pacific under an endless, star-filled sky would deliver that in spades. Ideally, a solo trip would be best — but to be honest I have no interest in becoming that proficient a sailor. So if anyone will have me, I’d love to tag along. (I’m a good fisherman and I know how to cook.) But we’re not talking cruise ships here, I’m talking wind-power, 40-something-foot sloop. That’s adventure!

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What are your dream trips? 

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • A great list. I love the Ted Simon books, very inspirational. I’ve been lucky enough to drive across some of Africa, alas not all the way down. I’ve only ventured to France on the bike, maybe I should try biking Antarctica!

    Love the blog, kind regards, Si

  • Michael Scott Apr 20, 2012 Link

    Why don’t u just combine the RTW, Africa and tierra del fuego in one trip… And call it an rtw?

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