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Special Photo Post: Beaches, Forest & Towns of The Olympic Peninsula


The rugged West Coast in all its glory — the beaches, forests and towns of Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. Here are my favourite images of this stunning area:

In This Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • Western Washington’s Gorgeous Beaches
  • Twilight Tourism In Washington
  • Old Growth Rainforest
  • Perfect Sunsets
  • And More!

Since the Twilight book and film series, Washington’s Olympic Peninsula (where the series is primarily set) has seen a boom in tourism. But forget vampires — Twilight is the last reason you should have for visiting. I compel you — rank the expansive beaches, endless coastal temperate rainforest, funky towns and majestic Olympic Mountains higher on your list of reasons to go West.

Need some inspiration?  Look on. I don’t need to tell you where every one of these photos were taken, or how to get around. Because an important part of your Olympic Peninsula vacation is… the exploration.


The view from Deception Pass Bridge.


First Beach, in the town of La Push.


Forks, Washington, and some Twilight tourism.


West Coast fog in Neah Bay.


One of just many empty, sandy West Coast beaches…


Morning fog at Hobuck Beach.


Hobuck Beach Resort & Campground, Neah Bay.


Full moon over the Olympic Peninsula. (No werewolves to be seen…)


Surfing is popular throughout the west side of the Peninsula.


Twilight at Hobuck Beach.


West Coast bull kelp.


Sundown on the West Coast.


It would take a month to visit all the beaches of the Olympic Peninsula.


The Quileute Reservation has caught on to the Twilight craze…


Sunset in Neah Bay.


Rugged Rialto Beach.


A sunset you can almost touch.


Beach camping is allowed with permit.

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • David Webb Mar 28, 2012 Link

    You can surf at Hobuck Beach (Neah Bay), First, Second and Third Beaches (La Push) and… well, pretty much anywhere along the west side, but start at those four.

  • Dennis D. Mar 28, 2012 Link

    Where are the good surf beaches in that area? MAybe with camping?

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