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7 Reasons Why I Hate Las Vegas


Las Vegas, Nevada — home to good times and great memories. Or is it…?

In This Las Vegas Article You Will Discover:

  • What’s Not Fun About Las Vegas
  • The People You’ll Meet in Sin City
  • Pitfalls To Watch Out For
  • And More!

Let me start by saying Las Vegas, Nevada, is home to wonderful restaurants, fun bars and lounges, amazing shows, great weather and I have personally had some really good times there. (A bachelor party in Las Vegas should be on any guy’s Bucket List.)

But that doesn’t excuse all manner of sins.

Since Las Vegas is not only a hub for entertainment, but for business, I find myself visiting Sin City at least once per year. Recently, I completed my 12th visit to Vegas.

So with that in mind, I’ve compiled 7 Reasons Why I Hate Las Vegas. (Lucky seven, I suppose…)

1. Sweat-Suit Grannies

Despite visions you may have of nouveau Rat Pack-types roaming casinos in tilted fedoras and tailored suits, the Sweat-Suit Granny is by far the most prevalent creature in Las Vegas. Suited head-to-toe in stretchy cotton and sporting an overstuffed fanny pack, this white-haired, diminutive casino dweller spends her day exchanging seats at the all-you-can-eat buffet and the nickel slots — all the while shooting scornful glances toward your disreputable behaviour. Talk about a buzz-kill.

2. Ding-Ding-Dingdingdingdingding….

Slot machines no longer cha-ching out coins like they used to — winners (scoff) receive vouchers for their monies, which they can re-insert or take to the cashier. However, the infernal one-armed bandits still make a phony, electronic “ding-ding-ding” when winnings are paid out. That is in tandem with the “beep-beep-beepity” on every turn, and the “doop-doop-doop-doopdoopdoopdoop” when credits are won. Now imagine these sounds — times a-million. It is an inescapable racket that haunts my dreams for weeks upon my return.

3. Cigarette Smoke

It is everywhere. You reek of it. Your clothes reek of it. Your hair reeks of it. The casinos are swimming in it. Even the outside air reeks of it. Camels, cigarillos, cigars, menthols… you name it, someone is smoking it. Your throat is dry and your lungs hoarse. Just… want… to… breathe…

4. Air Freshener

Perhaps even worse than the cigarette smoke is the overpowering, phony, carcinogenic air freshener most casinos pump into their ventilation systems to mask it and every other smell emanating from the populous. (The Venetian is by far the worse offender, I cannot breathe in that casino…) For someone like me, who values fresh air, these perfumes make it feel as if every breath is poison. Automobile exhaust is refreshing by comparison.


5. Fake Big Shots

The Las Vegas dream is sold on the idea that everyone who visits gets to act like a “Big Shot” — like a reality TV star or a hip-hop icon. Basically — like someone they are not. And believe me, Vegas can make this happen for you. You want VIP bottle service at the hottest club in town? You got it. Twenty-four-hour concierge? Yours. Chef’s table at a five-star restaurant? No problem. Just one tiny catch… you have to pay through the nose for all of it. For example — VIP bottle service at a popular nightclub will see you paying $400 or more for a $50 bottle of vodka. You feel like a Big Shot, sure — and your “underlings” laugh all the way to the bank. Then, when you’re out of money… you’re out of prestige. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, chump.

6. Unnecessary Tipping

Don’t start with me! I’m not cheap — I happily tip for service. I always tip restaurant servers, my hairdresser, deliverymen, you name it — if I receive service, I tip. In Las Vegas, though, it’s taken too far. For example: did you know it is illegal for a taxi to stop for you if you flag it down? No, instead, you must have someone call you one, or use the taxi valet in front of most hotels — and for that, you gotta tip out. Every time. And don’t even try to give them a buck, cheapskate. For the legally-required service of blowing a whistle to a taxicab that sits in-wait mere metres from the hotel entrance, the expected tip is $3 to $10. …Sigh… And on it goes.

7. Card-Snappers

Anyone who has been to Las Vegas will know immediately what I’m talking about here. The “Card Snapper” — men and women on the street who try to force business cards for prostitutes into your hands every time you walk past. They snap them against their palms; the hundreds of them creating a cacophony like some perverted cricket orchestra. You find yourself constantly muttering “no, thanks…” over and over again as you make your way down the Strip. No matter how many times you pass them, and say no, they still stick these cards in your face. Snap-snap-snap! (PS: Despite what many people believe, prostitution is, in fact, illegal in Las Vegas.)

Whew. OK — now, about those awesome restaurants…

Three Meals In Las Vegas: A Diner’s Guide

Three Meals In Las Vegas: Part Two

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • steven berthold May 5, 2019 Link

    las vegas is a great place if you want to be ripped off and it is dangerous and people are not friendly white trash runs las vegas

  • Amanda Mar 16, 2019 Link

    Never will i ever go to vegas. The people there are garbage. I was going to a wedding. And i had to walk there and my husband had to wait in the car so it didnt get towed because how u pay is so complicated there no number on the parking.well the chapel was near by this lowlife of older couple go and yell at me that is that a dress or underwear and i was dressed for wedding. I said dress they look at me funky and and made fscr. Older stupid people have no clue what i am going through whats gping on. People look at you and judge you. I cant stand this place. They ruined my day and i left cause i had melt down. Worst place of u haveny been never go. The drivers are so intense chase you down. I saw the worse accident the car was so smashed in. and you just feel that aura there so awful.

  • Kitty Jul 27, 2018 Link

    Oh my God I have lived a long time and I can’t wait to get the fuck out of here… First and foremost this fucking casinos get away with hiring a part-time thing is 7.25 an hour and then you got these fucking Mexicans coming in playing and they don’t tip do they go to restaurants and eat and not tip servers.I’m giving you money and you don’t tip me to walk away and you might say thank you fuck you never been stuffed so much in my entire life except when you work at the —tuscany.. and the Mexicans that live here oh my God they are loud rude they think we owe them everything they have our jobs like there snitches that make up stuff there fucking sneaky ass motherfucking no good stinky and losing Dirtbag Mexicans.. they take advantage of the casino that the food offers for employees for free you should see what they load up on their plates oh my God damn daddy yelled at each other to talk so fast and loud you get a headache dude you’re my country most of them don’t even speak English yet it says when you apply for a job must read write and speak English that’s as bad as Asians that’s a whole nother issue they have our jobs in the casinos Yep they’re the ones making $100,000 a year.. and sit there and talk there Asian fucking language about how much money they don’t make and they don’t even contribute to making tips cuz they figure the Americans will do it money in the tip containers cuz they’re rude two players and all they want to do is beat everybody this is what goes on on the live games in the casinos with dealers and anybody who speaks a foreign language will look at you and be like I don’t understand what you’re talking about and do that with the bosses and fucking get away with it Americans are written up and are fired with the same thing… You can’t do anything about it because we’re not Union…but they can get away with it cuz they claim they don’t understand there’s a language barrier hello what did it say when you apply for the jobh because they’re little fucking puppets they do whatever the Masters want
    . Someone call ice please casinos and see how many of them are illegals I bet you they would be a lot of job openings there’s the heat y that’s like unbearable who the fuck builds a city where is 149 miles from the hottest place on Earth which is Death Valley the hottest place on Earth… Then there’s rude ass drivers… Too many narcissistic people in the city the cops are assholes lots of homeless the fucking argue with you about being on your property and when you call the cops they’re gone in the cops look at you like you’re some kind of crackhead cuz there’s nowhere around because these motherfuckers disappear like freaking scorpions.. and believe me I live in a real upscale neighborhood and they are on the property breaking in your car’s handling vandalizing your cars but then they’re gone just as fast like a scorpion disappear like magic and you’re stuck with the bill do they give a fuck no they want them when they’re done the money from you on the street they look at you like they want to kill you why would I want to get my money to somebody wants to kill me and is a drug addict.
    . Yeah I know I should move believe me I am get the fuck out of here when I go by when I leave here I’m going to be like fuck you Las Vegas go fuck yourself

  • Long Legged Bee Jul 10, 2018 Link

    This is all some funny stuff in the comments but at the same time not too shocking. I am considering Vegas or AREA of Vegas.. If I want walkability so bad, I’d probably have to live downtown and god only knows how that would go.

    My plan is that I wouldn’t go unless someone else made an offer to me or was waiting for me to get off the plane and wants to set me up with a pampered lifestyle. I am a male and I think for me for a change, being a sugar baby would be nice. I’ll commit to an older male or an older woman whoever is up for the challenge. Other people do it.. why can’t I?

    If I dont get far trying in Vegas, I’ll just say fuck it and go to Los Angeles, maybe even Arizona but I do want to live in the SW where its warm, lesser humidity and mosquitoes also.

    But no I always believe people when they say people bring their sins with them and there is immorality. Thats why I’d go to the outskirts of Vegas, maybe Summerlin or Henderson. I heard from someone its the best thing he ever did. He loves it in Henderson so, I am doing my investigating but no, I would not go where the hardcore crime is. I know its in Vegas BUT sometimes, a place also may not be as bad as people say. Sometimes its those ones where you cant find a ton of negativity that could turn out lousy like St Petersburg Florida. Been there done that.

  • I Don't Like Vegas Locals Jun 25, 2018 Link

    The worst part of Vegas is the locals:

    – “You tourists don’t get IT”
    – “I NEVER go to the strip”
    – “”

    I’ve only met one more obnoxious type of person in my life than a Las Vegas resident (enlightened backpacker traveling around Europe, Central America, or Southeast Asia on a shoestring budget).

  • Vegas Anus hole Oct 30, 2016 Link

    I used to love this city in my 20’s. Lived in Vegas many times. This last stint has been nothing short of a living nightmare..

    Food: the amazing food I used to enjoy here has been polluted by ghetto workers; as I’ve gotten food poisoning three times from pricey casino buffets.

    Jobs: There are no full time positions, let alone *any* paying beyond minimum wage. However, I’ve encountered several companies in my search who are willing to pay under minimum wage at $5-7/hour. Oh please, sign me up. Vegas thinks it’s cute to advertise part-time positions where they only need help for 5 hours a week. If you have any education or intelligence, your resume will be tossed out. I was told by one low life staffing recruiter, who couldn’t speak comprehensible English, to remove my Master’s degree from my resume because it was, “too intimidating”.

    The people: Uneducated, angry, cigarette smoking WHITE TRASH EVERYWHERE.

    Crime: Everywhere, even in nice areas of the city. Begging from homeless EVERYWHERE. I even had a homeless man grab his balls and hit my car with his hand when I wouldn’t acknowledge his begging, loser ass!

    Cigarette smoke EVERYWHERE. Even on walks through parks. It’s EVERYWHERE and I can’t seem to escape it!

    Dating: Men think all women are prostitutes here. Men and women who are seriously coked out of their men on multiple chemicals at all times.

    Depressing city all over. Garbage and filth everywhere you drive. Concerned for my safety. I cannot wait to leave.

  • Vingo Jul 11, 2016 Link

    Las Vegas isn’t the worst city to live in, but it’s definitely far from the best. But overall, this place can’t get me to stay for the long run. I place Las Vegas along side the likes of New York City, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, etc. Much better for visiting than residing.

  • Erin Mar 17, 2016 Link

    I actually really love Las Vegas, and have been thinking about relocating as I have heard there is great work opportunities right now and housing is really affordable. It would be great to live somewhere with great weather and there is something fun going on every night!

  • J Feb 12, 2016 Link

    I have been here 6 yrs and sadly I agree with most of the reasons people on here say Vegas sucks. But its much deeper than card flippers and random shit on the strip. For someone living here, they probably are tired of the lack of full time employment, the casinos who use everyone as a 15k per year OC employee with no benefits, and make it impossible to work 2 jobs, since they all do this you can’t win if your in the Hospitality Industry. If you are one of the smarter people in this city, the mob of idiots will band against you, when you might be on the verge of success to destroy your hopes and dreams. Most workers/management are jealous of anyone who may work their ass off or just are plain smarter than they are and will do you in one way or another. So many crack heads in this place its refreshing to talk to someone who isn’t drug induced daily or beyond return. Leave the strip and 90% of locals are trashy desert rats cursing at each other in the streets and their illegitimate offspring are in training to be the future criminals and prostitutes/thieves/junkies. The only people who don’t feel this way transport themselves from one A/C bubble to a pool etc., luckily have a job they do not hate, make decent/ok money, drive a vehicle with a huge payment and are most likely full of themselves acting like something they are not probably living in Summerlin. Also, read someone talking about relationships in Vegas lol… good luck. If you brought a woman here she will leave you sooner or later/cheat. The local women here are horrible junkies/prostitutes/thieves just waiting to do you in. Have a few too many and you will find yourself without your wallet quickly. Do not bring them to your home. Hookers will actually team up on you on the street and rob you in front of people and the cops will do nothing except try to make you a criminal also so they don’t have to deal with it. They are putting more cops on the streets but they usually only go after an easy ticket payer. Now they are trying to destroy residential solar. What next you filthy mother fuckers! I could go on. The greed of this city is immeasurable in every aspect. I would gladly have the mob running it again. And you can shuve your diversity card directly up your dirty diseased ASS. A so called Audition means nothing of your talents when your not a diversity hire these days. Fuck Off…

  • Joey Jan 16, 2016 Link

    This town wants nothing more than people to fail. It will ring you out, throw you on the street and celebrate your misfortune. Cunts come here thinking they are going to sell their pussy and make alot of money. Most of them fail. Drunk homeless bums everywhere and locals are assholes. The streets are tore up everywhere. Huge craters that you need a four wheel drive vehicle to get through are rampant around the city. party and leave. Schools are shit. Do not live here.

  • VentianHaze Oct 7, 2015 Link

    Agree completely that Vegas sucks. My opinion is based only on the strip, but I really don’t care what else Vegas has to offer. The suckfest that is the strip outweighs any good things about Vegas.

  • Kalli Sep 27, 2015 Link

    Wow, all the cons that people posted are so stupid and exaggerated. When non locals think “Vegas” they only think about the Strip; the lights, the alcohol, the bums, the drugs, the crime etc. But the three absolute WORST things about Vegas (that actually affect our daily lives and are an inconvenience) that only the people who have lived here for 10+ years would know are:

    THE CONSTANT CONSTRUCTION!: For months at a time multiple roads will be covered with cones and sometimes will be closed down, then when it’s finally cleaned up you can’t even tell what was done. The city government is just like “Oh there’s no cones here?? Let’s put cones here!” They constantly start new projects but don’t even finish the ones that are over 10 years old!!!

    THE COPS: Actually admit to having to meet ridiculous quotas and are THIRSTY to write tickets, makes arrests and escalate situations for no reason. They constantly and blatantly break the law, and are the worst drivers. An innocent Vegas local shouldn’t have to damn near shit themselves when they see a cop, but that’s how most locals feel towards the Las Vegas police department. They are disrespectful little shits with god complexes and don’t give a shit about you or your safety. North Town cops can especially go eat a dick!

    THE WEATHER: Hot as the surface of the fucking sun in the summer…and the spring…sometimes even fall. If you have leather seats in your car, I’ll pray for you. Nuff said.

    The best things about Vegas?

    Diversity: There is a huge variety of people and are all mixed together. Most areas in Cali are “invisibly segregated” meaning the people all tend to only live where their race is the most predominant. I’ve met some incredible people and I’ve met some real life walking breathing pieces of shit. But what are you gonna do? You’ll find that in any city. We have a lot of real and fake, tree-hugging hippies and then a lot of people that will stab you over looking at them for too long. I think it’s a nice balance.

    Nature: Red Rock , Lake Mead, and Mount Charleston will blow your mind with beauty. Horseback riding, boating, hiking, snowboarding, skiing are all in close proximity to the locals.

    It’s hard to be bored here in Las Vegas, but the heat will make you lazy. I used to say I absolutely hated Vegas and wanted to leave, but then I almost really did move out of town and I was literally sick to my stomach and became really depressed and was crying everyday for a week. Not because of friends and family but I realized it was because I really do secretly love Las Vegas and I always will <3

    P.S- To the people complaining about the amount of drug addict begging bums. Uh have you been to Bakersfield, California??? Spend 5 minutes there and then complain about Vegas. Have I seen a bum light up a crack pipe in plain view in a freeway underpass a couple times? Sure, but that doesn't mean we have the worst homeless issue. I've had some very interesting conversations with bums out here. Who were most likely high on crack.

    P.S.S- I agree that stupid dumb ass Californian tourists ruin the strip and are always way too drunk too quick and are constantly pumped about everything. They bring their dumb California flag shirts and their douchey orange tans and constantly wanna fight locals over nothing, simply because they cannot handle their alcohol. I have experienced this douche phenomena first hand.

    Don't fuck with the trannies, because they are always ready to throw down!

  • Aaron D Sep 20, 2015 Link

    1. There is a difference between the STRIP and Las Vegas ! People & tourist that come the strip to gamble and to party come here to do just that and leave in 3 days- so not worried about them . it the people that live here who ruin this place ..Californian are actually the most civil part about this place so all you inbred gun tooting natives with your 8th grade education can stop crying.

    2. people here are mean and non civil and don’t give a fuck about you unless you are in their small “circle” of friends.

    3 No job security they can fire you in Nevada for no reason at all .. and if you are educated and do you job better than there non educated inbreds they will get you fired ..

    4. Every body think they are entitled to everything out here Every speeds everywhere and thinks they own the road and this entire city!

    5.Watch out for people who say they LOVE vegas or think its a big city ( it really not) they love it because they are apart of the B.S

    6. If you move hear single you are fucked ! the chances of you finding a healthy happy person to have a commit-ed relationship here are slim to none..

    7, its hot as fuck ..there is no culture here , nobody dresses up nice, no tall exotic people, tons of homeless. i could go on and on.

    The only good thing about vegas is the mountains, the shows on the strip, some pools, the buffets, the low rent ( but its raising fast) that it ! but If you have the money to live somewhere else DO IT ! Just use Vegas what it should be used for.. to party for 3 days and LEAVE

  • Aaron D Sep 20, 2015 Link

    This place is horrible

  • David Webb Sep 18, 2015 Link

    Wow. I think, officially, the comments on this post have become more entertaining than the actual post….

  • Rick Sep 17, 2015 Link

    It’s not going to get better! They’re still building here and that means more assholes moving here. What? Did you think they just popped into existence? Poof another Las Vegan? Nope! More idiots on the way! Those tailgaters and race to work people are acting just like they did where they came from. A normal person can’t go out into the world or onto the roads in Las Vegas without a confrontation with some asshole. Hey get in the granny lane……..chances are you aren’t moving fast enough there for some assholes who’s middle finger is cocked the moment he or SHE get into their 6k pound vehicle that makes them bad asses! Yes more and more ahem ladies are the violators if not 90%. This town is full of bitches quick to confront men and even quicker to throw the princess card if things go south!

    There is a VIRUS here! “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” “Loose lips sink relationships!” Really? Those sayings are directed to those coming here to visit! You bring your sickness with you!

    In the old days you dressed in suits and gowns to go out! Girls today, or rather whores wear their skirts so short they need two hairdos! Tramps!

    A recent vice show said 100k entertainers work here! That’s 5-10% of the residents of this valley are whores! Face it! You’re either part of the problem or you are part of the solution! Just step foot into your nearest strip club or dial an in call entertainer and you are part of the problem! Unless you really think you’re helping them work their way or pay their child’s way thru college! DUH!

  • Rick Sep 17, 2015 Link

    Been a resident of Vegas since 1962! I can’t stand it here! It’s been ruined by the influx of Californians. The Comptonites! You all brought this shit here. You ruined California and now you’re bringing your shit here! I’m leaving! Scammers, bad drivers, shitty attitudes of entitlement, users, whores, silicone, fakes, posers, BMW, Mercedes, Yukons, Escalades all you pieces of shit came from somewhere else and ruined my home! All of you want to get rich no job skill pieces of shit sold your overpriced homes in California to come here, raise the cost of living and house prices, and will run this place into bankruptcy just like the shit you left in California! And you all act like your somebody and talk about how great it was where you came from! If it’s so good there and it’s made you so important then drag your sorry asses back there and take your bullshit with you!!!
    Just in the last few days I’ve ran into 4 more thug ass ex-felons who have relocated their sorry b asses to Las Vegas from Pasadena! Yea your state’s broke so come here, bring your shit, and cry to the welfare system and break Nevada! More blight is on its way! I see numerous what do they want to be called now? African Americans just throw their garbage out the window of their cars here! Had 3 in a car with what CALIFORNIA PLATES hit our car with something on I-15 while my wife and I were on the way to see Jersey Boys!

    California voices and their opinions DON’T COUNT! YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! I see you racing at 100+mph to get here tailgating the whole way at the risk of everyone’s safety!

    Piss off all you transplants! Oh and the “entertainers” STRIPPER/WHORES are traveling here from other cities across the U.S. to sell their ass!

  • LouieRockz Jun 28, 2015 Link

    Wow those are stupid reasons to hate Las Vegas. They’re little minor things that can easily be avoided. Perhaps the overwhelming stench at the casinos but that’s about it.

  • someone Mar 11, 2015 Link

    Don’t relocate I relocated and I want to move back but I can’t. Where I live right now the weather is too cold (even in April) and I get sick often. It is better to live somewhere hot then to be cold and sick.

  • someone Mar 11, 2015 Link

    I was born and raised in Las Vegas, BEST PLACE EVER! I hate Cali soooooo much!

  • Jomama Jun 3, 2014 Link

    Stop complaining, most of u guys are just visitors, try to freaking live here. We have the worse drivers here, rude customer service, hot as hell in the summer, too cold in the fall. Nothing in between weather. Im in the process of relocating.

  • Brandi May 2, 2014 Link

    I just returned from my first trip to Vegas…and I can say that I agree with everything you said. It was major culture shock. The card snappers were awful, the homeless beggars everywhere were in the way, the street “performers” were annoying, and all of the half naked non-hookers (I think, anyway) were just a sad testament to the lack of self-respect. I kept wanting to ask some of these “young ladies” who were stumbling around in their stripper shoes like a newborn giraffe where their mother was and did she know that you dressed like that?

    For me, the MGM Grand smelled the worst by far. It was so bad I actually was sick to my stomach and had to leave…that musky, patchouli scent…ugh. I can smell it now.

  • Anthony Apr 28, 2014 Link

    Las Vegas is for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities who act like they are big shots. But they are junkies and drunks that don’t shower. Big shots save there money you retarded fools, stop pretending your depressed.

  • Grant Feb 20, 2014 Link

    Been to Vegas a few times. I live I Los Angeles on Wilshire. Yes in the city. Vegas sucks big time. It smells. Drinks everywhere. Smokers everywhere (can’t they just hurry up and get cancer already?) white trash everywhere. The heat in the summer.. Ughhh! Really strange conventions everywhere. The porn awards lol. Cheesy shows. Gambling addicts losing their life savings turning to drugs and ending up in prison. Bad outfits everywhere. Loud and obnoxious girls dressed like whores that think they are hot, but are just losers trying to find their next ex husband to financially rape

  • Ruth Orozco Sep 9, 2013 Link

    Oh People, you are talking about only when you visit here. Dont even try to LIVE here!!! This is the most overrated place in the US. One thing I agree with Obama, “Dont go to Vegas to spend a bunch of money”. LOL Classic.

  • David Webb Jun 18, 2013 Link

    Um, nope. I don’t live there.

  • Mike Jun 18, 2013 Link

    Let me guess…..you live in Davenport Iowa?

  • Michael Apr 21, 2013 Link


    I’m planning a trip to the US. Vegas gets a lot of endorsements from people I know as a place I ‘have to visit’, but I just think I’ll hate it. I’ve done a lot of traveling and generally have a good feel for what I’ll like and what will drive me crazy. Anyway, your comment ” if you don’t think it’s “for you,” then I bet you’re right!” makes perfect sense to me.

  • David Webb Mar 18, 2013 Link

    I too have had a lot of fun in Vegas – it’s all a little tongue-in-cheek… but “loving” the way casinos smell??? You have gots to be crazy!

  • christie Mar 17, 2013 Link

    I love how the casinos smell. bellagio is one of my faves. but venetian smells like baby powder, i love it. and just learn some spanish and u can cuss at the card snappers and they leave u alone.

  • Adelinl Dec 11, 2012 Link

    Las Vegas is a really beautiful place you guys just have been seeing everything negatively! Its a lot of fun, especially when you go out with family and friends. If you don’t like some things there’s other alternatives other than having to their, no ones forcing you to be there! I <3 LAS VEGAS

  • Izzy Sep 6, 2012 Link

    I have the misfortune of actually living here and I have no words to describe how much I hate this place! It’s full of horrible, fake, incompetent people, has no class or culture. I really hope I can get out of here as soon as possible. And the employment conditions strongly remind a person of the middle ages, only back then things were definitely kept a lot more humane:-). Employees have absolutely no rights in Nevada… It’s a ruthless, brutal city!

  • JAD Feb 20, 2012 Link

    Is that all? I could write a book on why I hate Las Vegas and will never return. Unfortunately we had to live there for a short time and it was hell on Earth! Nuke it from the planet..corrupt city government and all.

  • David Webb Feb 14, 2012 Link

    I hear you. I always tell people that if they are curious about Vegas, you should go at least once, just to see it. But if you don’t think it’s “for you,” then I bet you’re right!

  • Nomadic Samuel Feb 13, 2012 Link

    I think the fake big shots would drive me nuts. I’ve yet to visit Vegas but it’s not my highest priority to be honest.

  • Scott Feb 13, 2012 Link

    Breathing is overrated. You should think of it as getting free nicotine from all of the people around you! Vegas is there to give baby!


  • David Webb Feb 1, 2012 Link

    …snap-snap-snap! Ha ha, thanks Chrissy!

  • Chrissy Travels Jan 28, 2012 Link

    Great list! The card snappers made me laugh out loud. I didn’t get it at first, then quickly remembered. They are SO annoying! Who came up with the idea of hitting the cards anyway?


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