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Three Awesome Meals In Las Vegas: Part 2


Still hungry? Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the world’s fine culinary destinations — here are my picks for the three eateries to help fuel your all-night, all-day, Sin City party vacation

In This Culinary Article you Will Discover:

  • How to Fuel Up For a Crazy Day
  • The Best Burgers on the Strip
  • Where True Carnivores Feast

Restaurants in Las Vegas are among the best in the world — and my personal pick for the number-one draw to Sin City. Chefs from Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse and more all have eateries right on the Vegas strip. There are so many choices, in fact, it’s utterly confusing.

So if you’re headed to Las Vegas, here are my Top Picks for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in America’s Sin City:

Breakfast: Bellagio Breakfast Buffet

Location: 3900 Las Vegas Blvd South

It’s Las Vegas’ biggest irony that the city’s healthiest place to eat is, in fact, also the most gluttonous. Yes — the buffets are the best place to eat right, as you can load up on fruit and eschew massive portions of bacon and hash browns.

“I didn’t come to Las Vegas to eat fruit!”

Think twice. While I won’t deter you from a gut-busting lunch and dinner, a healthy, light breakfast full of fruit and fiber will have you feeling fine, energetic and ready to take on the day — not to mention help ease your hangover. Loading up on fat and carbs first-thing in the a.m. will only leave you sluggish throughout your vacation. And frankly, finding a healthy a la carte breakfast in a Las Vegas eatery is like trying to find a hooker with a heart of gold.

So take my advice — and hit up the Bellagio’s fine breakfast buffet, open Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. (if you’re still up) to 11:00 a.m., with a special weekend brunch running until 4:00 p.m.

In fact, there are many great buffets in Vegas — but do yourself a favour and hit up the higher-end hotel buffets, even if you’re staying at the Imperial Palace. Lower-end buffets often cost the same amount yet are all-but-inedible. My pick — The Buffet at the Bellagio Hotel. Price is $15.95 for weekday/regular breakfast and $24.95-$29.95 for brunch.

Lunch: Kerry’s Gourmet Burgers (KGB)

Location: 3473 Las Vegas Blvd South

Located in Harrah’s, at the Strip’s dead-centre and next to a Monorail Station, KGB is one of Las Vegas’ newest eateries. With funky, delicious hamburgers dished out by Rock ‘n Roll Chef Kerry Simon, how could you go wrong? Throw in some kitschy-cool Cold War Era USSR propaganda posters and a selection of fine Russian vodka and things get even better.

At this casual, pub-style eatery, scantily clad waitresses will serve you inspired burgers like the Thanksgiving Turkey Burger, American Standard, Cobb Burger, Short Rib Sloppy Joe and more. Or, you can design your own from a massive selection of meats and toppings. There are also other options (like salad or veggie burgers), and a short-but-half-decent wine list, but KGB specializes in meat and vodka, comrade. Come hungry. Burgers cost $10 and up.

Dinner:  Texas de Brazil

Location: 6533 Las Vegas Blvd South

Vegetarians need not apply. Seriously. If you don’t eat meat, give Texas de Brazil a wide berth. Even passing by the front door has been known to induce coronaries in certain sensitive souls.

Located beyond the south end of the strip — expect to pay at least $25 for a cab ride from most hotels — Texas de Brazil is a menagerie of meat; a veritable cornucopia of carne carnage. Dubbed a “Churrascaria” or “Brazilian BBQ,” patrons pay a flat-fee and are treated to an all-you-can eat extravaganza. Start with the appetizer bar featuring more than 50 items, plus garlic mashed potatoes and palate-cleansing sweet-fried bananas… but don’t fill up, because the main course is stacks and stacks of salty, spiced meat carved right onto your plate by skilled Churrascarias (Brazilian BBQ expert carver). Cuts include pork ribs, parmesan chicken, leg of lamb, parmesan pork, pork loin, Brazilian sausage, Picanha (top sirloin), filet mignon, flank steak, chicken breast wrapped in bacon, beef ribs, filet mignon wrapped in bacon, lamb chops, garlic Picanha and more. Hungry yet? And you can eat until you burst — just tell the servers when to serve and when to stop. Come with friends, order a few bottles of Malbec and make like Caligula… it’s carnivorous gluttony at it’s finest. $48 per person, flat fee (plus drinks).

Then, come home — and go on a diet. Bon appetite!

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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