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Fly Fishing Photo Essay: Canada’s Greatest Freshwater Adventures!


Watch me make like Brad Pitt on some of Canada’s best freshwater fly fishing adventures.

In This Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • The Beauty & Grace of Fly Fishing
  • Canada’s Spectacular Freshwater
  • Hot Fly Fishing Destinations
  • And more!

Do you fly fish? Have you ever wanted to fly fish? Maybe after watching Brad in A River Runs Through It, you felt the need to have a trout tug on your rod… um… or whatever. Regardless of what your experience is, there’s no question Canada offers the world’s greatest fly fishing. After all, we have the most freshwater and millions of acres of empty land just waiting to be explored, fly rod in hand. So until spring hits and the ice breaks, sit back, relax and take a tour through Canada’s — nay, the world’s! — greatest fly fishing destinations:


David Webb with a trophy-sized Arctic grayling, caught in Canada’s Northwest Territories.


Nunavut’s Tree River is the world’s greatest Arctic Char fishery. They are a rare and magical fish.


Fishing the Tree River in Nunavut, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.

Horton River

Arctic grayling in the Horton River, Northwest Territories: Canada’s most beautiful fish?


“I had made so many casts for Saskatchewan pike that day, my hands were blistered!”


An overlooked fly fishing destination, Northern Saskatchewan is full of the “freshwater barracuda” — Northern Pike!


On the southeastern slopes of the Rocky Moutains, gorgeous Westslope cutthroat trout can be caught. Catch-and-release fishing is a wonderful and low-impact way to view these creatures up close.


Massive bull trout (like this 13-pounder) can be fly-caught on both sides of the Rocky Mountains, in Alberta and BC.


Fernie, in southeastern British Columbia, is known as “Canada’s Patagonia” for pristine mountain streams and hard-fighting trout.

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • Boomergirl May 12, 2011 Link

    Oh baby, nice post, great pix. My dad loved to fly fish. Had a rowboat built with an extra wide flat bottom so he could cast while my sis and I trolled out the back of the boat. My aunt tied her own flies. I don’t fly fish (yet) but a German journo friend and I learned to cast in the old Crystal Ballroom of the King Eddy Hotel in Toronto a couple of years ago. Our teacher was Jim Wilson of Wilson’s (Toronto flyfishing store). A fisher friend wrote a Miramichi fly fishing post on our CANADA blog: http://roadstories.ca/fishing-the-miramichi/

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