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Memories Of Thailand: 16 Photos From Paradise


Discover 16 of my favourite memories from my month-long tour of Thailand:

In This Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • What Makes Thailand So Special
  • Cuisine: from Pad Thai to Fried Bugs
  • The Beaches of Thailand
  • The Craziness of Bangkok
  • And More!

Thailand is a country I will return to again. And again. It’s simply wonderful in every regard — from the people to the food to the beaches to the jungles and everything in between.

Recently, I was feeling very nostalgic about Thailand, so I decided to post 16 of my favourite photos — my favourite memories. Because that’s what they are… memories. Each photo represents an emotion and a moment in time that meant something to me — whether exciting, serene, profound or bizarre.



This photo captures the devil-may-care attitude we had while roaming the islands on beat-up old scooters.


Our bathroom at the first real beach bungalow we rented. Jump into the backpacker lifestyle with both feet, we did…


I met a lot of unique and interesting people on Ko Chang, but this guy — a camera-shy Frenchman — was the most eclectic by far.


The Mummified Monk of Ko Samui. When someone asks you if you want to see a dead body, usually the answer is “no…”


This empty field was once the site of a massive resort on Ko Phi Phi Don — before the tragic tsunami of 2004 took so many lives and caused so much destruction.


Fuzzy memories from Ko Phangan’s legendary Full Moon Party.


Communal drinking at its finest with Thailand’s infamous Buckets.


The Longtail Boats of Ko Phangan. Our driver fell off the back…


The Treehouse Bar on Ko Chang remains my favourite Thai watering hole.


Ko Samui’s famous Big Buddha — iconic Thailand at its finest.


Kao San Road, Bangkok. It gets even crazier at night…


Eating bugs on the streets of Bangkok? Why not…?


I love the juxtaposition of Old versus New in this photo; traditional Buddhist Monks among the modernity of Bangkok.


A photo of myself and a man who I can only describe as the Coolest Guy in Bangkok.


My staple meal in Bangkok: street vendor Pad Thai… a great meal for less than $1 Cdn.


This photo sums up my trip: backpacking, carefree and shirtless.

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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • Angelina Dec 2, 2010 Link

    Nice post with excellent pictures. The pictures alone would make me want to go there, because they show how much character the place has!

  • Zablon Mukuba Nov 9, 2010 Link

    your pictures speak thousands and thousands of words

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