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Video Blog! Motorcycling Canada’s Famous Dempster Highway – Part 2

Motorcycle at the Arctic Circle

Adventure Riding: My Solo Motorcycle Trip from Vancouver, BC to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, via the famous Dempster Highway. Part Two: Dawson City to Inuvik.

In This Video You Will Discover:

  • The Unbelievable Beauty & Ruggedness of the Dempster Highway
  • The Trials & Tribulations of Long Distance Motorcycling
  • The Gorgeous Scenery of The Yukon & Northwest Territories
  • What It’s Like to Cross the Arctic Circle on a Motorcycle

It is the ultimate adventure: an 8,000-km solo motorcycle trip up the Dempster Highway, past the Arctic Circle, to Inuvik – finishing at a staggering 68 degrees, 18′ north.

Part Two: Follow along as I ride from Dawson City to Inuvik, crossing the famous Arctic Circle at 66 degrees, 33′ north!


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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • David Webb Mar 25, 2014 Link

    Hi Jim – it’s relatively easy, though it depends on your bike. If you take the Stewart-Cassiar Highway north through BC, you’ll need at least a 250 km range (preferably more). On the Dempster, there are two fuel stops then you can fuel up in Inuvik — but you’ll have to cover 370 km from the start of the Dempster to the first gas station. After that it’s about 180 km to the next, then 180 or so to Inuvik. Throughout the north, 150-200 km between gas stations can be pretty normal.

  • Jim O'Neill Mar 24, 2014 Link

    David, I’m thinking of doing a similer trip. Have easy ( or hard ) was it to find fuel?

  • David Webb Nov 16, 2010 Link

    Yes, I do – but I am thinking up upgrading to Final Cut Express.

  • revo Nov 12, 2010 Link

    Do u use iMovie?

  • Herman Sep 3, 2010 Link

    Loving your bike! Check my KLR http://myklr.com
    Would love to see more photos! cheers mate

  • DawsonCity Aug 31, 2010 Link

    Nice bike.

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