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Special Post! Fishing in Haida Gwaii: A Photo Essay

Fish Kiss

British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii are truly the Galapagos of the north – a magical place known for whales, eagles, rich culture – and, my favourite part, fishing!

In This Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • What Makes the Haida Gwaii so Magical
  • The Fish & Wildlife of the Islands
  • Why Fishing is So Much Darn Fun!

When I first asked my girlfriend, Erin, to come fishing with me – she balked. She didn’t see the draw, but, to her credit, gave it a go anyway. She soon realized there’s nothing not to like about heading to British Columbia’s salmon fishing lodges: days spent relaxing on a boat, great meals, wonderful scenery and wildlife experiences… and to top it off, you go home with the most free-range, organic, fresh, self-harvested protein you can get. No, sport fishermen don’t rely on dubious fish farms and shady commercial operations, we do it old school!

Even if you’ve never thought you would, you truly must try salmon fishing in BC. It is a thrill and a connection with nature all at once.

Scroll down for a photo essay on Fishing in the Haida Gwaii to see the action for yourself:


Orcas (killer whales), humpback whales, grey whales, minke whales, dolphins, porpoise… expect great wildlife encounters in the Haida Gwaii.

Chinook Salmon

The king of the North Pacific: the chinook salmon.

Fish & Chips

Ling cod make great fish and chips, but they sure are ugly!

Haida Totem

The Haida people have called these islands home for 10,000 years.

Fish Kiss

It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of fishing.

Desolate Beauty

The Haida Gwaii is a desolate and beautiful place.

the tyee

Catch the fish of a lifetime in the Haida Gwaii!

Sport meets Commercial

The commercial fishing economy is at work in the waters off Alaska and the Haida Gwaii.

Good Season

It can only go up from here…

Halibut Power!

The “real” chicken of the sea: fresh-caught halibut.

Big Chinook

Catching a chinook salmon is an experience like no other.

Floating Lodge

Fishermen relax and trade lies at floating lodges such as those offered by Oak Bay Marine Group.

Coho At Langara

A prime coho salmon, caught off Langara Island, on the Haida Gwaii’s northern tip.

Sea Lion Lunch

What happens when a one-ton sea lion decides it wants your salmon too.


Boy… fishing is sure hard work…

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For More Info:

Oak Bay Marine Group

Tourism British Columbia

About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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  • David Webb Oct 21, 2011 Link

    Thanks! There’s a little more about it HERE

  • David Webb Oct 21, 2011 Link

    Good guess – I should just say, “yup,” but it was 46 pounds ;-).

  • Qurtan Oct 21, 2011 Link

    Nice post! I would love to hear more about the sea lion incident.

  • Scott Oct 21, 2011 Link

    How big was that salmon, 50lbs? What a monster!

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