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Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys! Discover Mischievous Jungle Dwellers in Bali, Indonesia

Monkey Teeth

Take it from me: monkeys are mean. Experience monkey business at its finest in the jungles of Bali, Indonesia.

In This Monkey Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • The Mischievous Nature of Bali’s Monkeys
  • How Big A Long-Tailed Macaque’s Teeth Are
  • BONUS Video Footage at Bottom!

I read a faux-horoscope once: “The stars apologize for their warning of ‘money’ troubles last week. It looks like they forgot the ‘k’ in there.”

There is something about monkeys that is funny, plain and simple. And the long-tailed macaques in the jungles and temples of Bali, Indonesia are perfect examples. Some are mischievous, some are downright nasty, but they all are cartoonish and funny – like little, grabby, bratty toddlers hassling you for food and shiny things.

Even if, like my girlfriend Erin, you find yourself hassled to the point of discomfort – if you’re heading to Bali, you must visit at least one monkey forest. Try the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud for an accessible monkey safari. Just don’t pack in any bananas, and when the sign says “no plastic bags,” take heed! Without any more monkeyshines, I present: The Monkeys of Bali!

Bali Monkeys 1

Family togetherness: two monkey mothers and their babies in Ubud.

Monkey Toes

“Can’t a monkey clean his toes in peace?” (Sorry for the disturbance.)

Bali Monkey 2

“I do declare…!” Monkeys have fantastic personalities.

Grumpy Monkey

“Humbug!” A grumpy monkey, like a grumpy old man, sits by himself.

Get That Nut

“Gimme that nut.”

Monkey Car

Nothing to see here… just two monkeys sitting on a Honda.

Protection Monkey

Monkey moms protect their young – stay back.

Monkey Hands

“Dude, my hands are like… so huge…”

Bathing Monkeys

Dirty monkeys need a monkeybath.

Monkey Surprise

“Hey – did you say something?” A surprised monkey turns to face us.

Monkey Watchman

As if standing guard over the market, this old monkey greeted us when we entered (near Uluwatu).

Monkey Face

Even a monkey will tire of the tourist hoards eventually.

Monkey Wall

Just a fat monkey with a faux-hawk sitting on a wall.

Monkey Talk

“Nothing… what’s up with you” Are we witnessing a monkey conversation?

Monkey Floss

“Something’s stuck in there!” Just one more reason we should be teaching monkeys to floss.

The Bali Monkey 3

Monkeys love bananas – too much! Don’t carry any into the forest, you will be swarmed.

Noble Monkey

The noble primate. Gaze and relent, Creationists.

Bonus Monkey Video:


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About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor.

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